Alarm - Anti theft

On the market today, there are many types of devices used to alarm-anti-theft? Are you worried about today's theft? Don't know how to prevent theft? Which anti-theft alarm device is safe and effective?
Infrared anti-theft alarm, siren siren, Anti-theft fence sensor, Anti-theft vibration sensor... when detecting unauthorized intrusion
What is an anti-theft device?
- Alarm - anti-theft device is a product with integrated electronic system, these devices have the ability to warn, notify, unusual intrusion thanks to the built-in automatic sensor system.
- When the sensor automatically sends a signal to the central controller, there are two possibilities:
   + Directly activate the quick warning system such as: flashing light, alarm bell, siren...
   + Send activation request to the user's central control device to activate the system.
- Most alarm-anti-theft devices operate based on wifi, RF or infrared waves. Each type of alarm-anti-theft device has its own advantages and disadvantages.
- With the use of anti-theft alarm system, you can work with peace of mind even when you are far away.
Current groups of alarm-anti theft devices
- There are 2 main groups of alarm-anti-theft devices that users often choose:
   + Alarm-anti-theft device installed in the house
   + Alarm-anti-theft outdoor
- For indoor alarm-anti-theft devices, they will usually come with a central controller, and most of them are installed outdoors such as sirens, alarms, fence sensors, lighting devices. ….
- To ensure maximum safety for homes, offices, hotels, buildings, schools....if possible, you should use multi-function alarm-anti-theft products. It is packed full of advanced features of equipment needed for your home.
The benefits of installing an alarm-anti theft system
 Anti-theft alarms are a safe solution to protect both your home and family. The practical benefits of installing this anti-theft alarm system are:
- Quickly detect abnormal intrusion and automatically warn, alarm, and alarm the user by phone.
- Intrusion alarm prompts thieves to leave with sirens, alarms and alarm lights.
- Anti-theft alarm system ensures stable, accurate normal operation even during power failure, protecting your family's security throughout.
- Not only protecting your family property, anti-theft alarm device also acts as a professional bodyguard to protect the safety of yourself and your loved ones.
- Warning when the temperature is high, fire or smoke alarm thanks to the heat sensor helps you detect early and quickly have a solution even when you are not at home.
Anti-theft alarm-anti-theft device has many outstanding advantages, is affordable, provides effective and reliable protection. Equip your family with a safe anti-theft solution.