Analog phones

Besides IP phones, Analog phones are also widely used by call centers. So what is the Analog phone, how it has advantages and disadvantages and how it is used so much, let's find out the information in this article.

What is an analog phone?
Analog phones, also familiarly known as landlines, are traditional, basic phones, born a long time ago. Due to its ease of use and reliability, Analog phones have been available in almost every household in Vietnam for a very long time. Over time, the machine has also been improved with many versions to better suit modern life.

What is the structure of an Analog phone?
Structurally, the Analog phone is equipped with a switch hook and a bell (attached to the telephone line). As soon as the switch hook is separated, the telephone line will automatically connect to the transmission circuit of the telephone system.

When dialing, the transmitter sends an electronic signal and a call converter acts as a device that converts that signal into a message sent to the other end of the line. In addition, the Analog phone also integrates a twisted circuit system to avoid interference in signal transmission.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of analog phones?
Like any other device, Analog phones have their own pros and cons.

In terms of advantages, Analog phones are very easy to use. The machine works based on the postal line. The operator will provide a phone number, and pull the cord to plug into the Analog phone.

In addition, the Analog landline phone can work independently without the need for a power source or the internet. Along with that, the investment cost is much cheaper than the IP PBX, so it is very suitable for offices or small and medium businesses.

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, Analog phones have a lot of limitations.

Firstly, analog switchboards need to have a separate telephone line, not sharing the same line with the Internet. At the same time, the features of Analog landline phones are still very limited, only perform some basic calling features, and can only make one way of outgoing (or incoming) calls at the same time.

If you need to expand the switchboard, you must upgrade more such as upgrading the switchboard type, adding support cards, pulling more lines, ... along with the high maintenance, upgrade and repair costs.

In addition, when using an Analog landline phone, phone charges will be calculated by the number of minutes and range of the call. Therefore, if you make a call for a long time and a long distance, it will cost a lot of charges.

When using an Analog phone, you will not be able to manage calls, record files, ... and you cannot manage it remotely which makes operation more difficult.

Analog applicability
Analog landline phones work well in small to medium range. Especially suitable for companies, businesses with a small number of employees, do not make a lot of calls or do not have many internal conversations.

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