Announcement Speaker Zycoo SQ10-V

Zycoo SQ10-V Announcement Speaker (PoE/SIP Support) - IP Audio Solution

Zycoo SQ10-V Next-generation SIP-enabled IP loudspeaker that can directly integrate video link functions and RTSP-enabled external IP cameras. With the Zycoo SQ10-V IP Announcer the video link features need to be used with the IP Audio Solution.
- Sound output range 30m2
- Video decoder: H.264
- Support LCD: UART Serial LCD (Can be customized)
- Call Button: 2x Keys + 2x Key LEDs
- Contacts: Max AC125V-1A / DC60V-1A
- Input power: PoE IEEE802.3at / DC24V-2A
- Audio codec: G.722, G.711 A-law, G.711 U-law, G.729

Mã Product: SQ10-V

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Zycoo SQ10-V high-performance, comprehensive SIP-enabled IP audio speaker. Built-in HD camera and microphone, operator can detect indoor environment and provide two-way communication anytime, anywhere. The Zycoo Q10-V announcement speaker is perfect for users in situations such as classrooms, lawyers, and offices. In addition, the Zycoo SQ10-V offers both surface mount and flush mount enclosures for choice regarding different application scenarios.
Why do organizations, businesses, restaurants... need to install Zycoo SQ10-V IP sound system?
- Standard SIP support
- Built-in Microphone and 10W . amplifier
- Built-in camera and PoE Nguồn Power
- Support Auto Provisioning function for Web interface
- Maximum HD audio output 91dB
- Sound output range 30m2
The Zycoo SQ10-V audio speaker can be installed according to different application scenarios. It has a flashing LED located on the top surface of the speaker that can be used to alert people in the room to a built-in incoming audio message or emergency announcements. With LED flash showing the time and built-in eliminating the need for a separate clock system, the Zycoo SQ10-V is perfect for use in any situation such as classrooms, libraries, restaurants, offices. . In addition, the Zycoo SQ10-V can be surface mounted or flush mounted for a choice of mounting options regarding different application scenarios to suit your installation needs.