However, there are also many businesses still wondering between choosing to use IP PBX or Analog. So let us clarify the benefits of IP PBX compared to Analog to help you make the right choice with the article below.

What is IP PBX?
Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange using the Internet to make calls. All voices are transmitted via data packets over Inernet instead of the regular telephone network.

When investing in an IP PBX, businesses will greatly reduce the cost of the initial infrastructure investment while still bringing high efficiency to the user.

To learn more about the benefits of IP PBX compared to Analog, let's have a quick understanding of Analog PBX.

Overview of Analog PBX is what?
Analog PBX, also known as a traditional switchboard, is a switchboard that works by converting telephone signals into electronic waves with different frequency and amplitude. Wiring connections from the operator will be connected directly to the customer, allowing users to make phone calls via traditional desk phones.

When using Analog PBX, customers will have to pay for infrastructure, machinery system (switchboard, wire ...) as well as repair, maintenance and replacement costs when broken. choking. In addition, when using a traditional switchboard, there are also some disadvantages such as: frequently miss calls from customers when going out, can only talk 1-1, so it is easy to cause busy signals when the customer calls. This causes businesses to lose customers and reduce sales.

In particular, when using Analog PBX, it will be very difficult in the process of upgrading and expanding the system, almost having to invest in PBX equipment from the beginning. And one disadvantage that cannot be ignored is that when using a traditional switchboard, it also costs money when making internal calls in the branch, unable to integrate with specialized software such as: CRM , ERP ... makes it difficult to manage costs and data.

So let's find out the advantages of the IP PBX to be able to clarify the benefits of IP PBX compared to Analog right here.

What are the advantages of IP PBX compared to Analog?
It is easy to mention the following advantages when businesses use the following IP PBX:

Low investment cost, taking advantage of the available Internet connection to use. No cost of repair and maintenance of the switchboard, saving travel time.

Free of charge for internal calls in companies, branches ...

The upgrade and expansion is easy, not dependent on the phone area code. It is possible to keep the landline prefix when extending in any province. And especially it is less expensive to use immediately the Internet available at the branch.

High security.

Integrating with softwares such as CRM, ERP makes data management and cost easier.

Unlimited incoming / outgoing calls at the same time, so there is no need to worry about the phone as busy as the traditional PBX system.

Easily manage employees within the enterprise, customer information by storing call logs and listening to recordings.

Automatically divert calls when the phone is busy, helping businesses not miss any calls from customers.

Uninterrupted call signals when switching offices or connecting multiple offices.

The phone can be heard even when not in the office thanks to the connection to a cell phone ...

The portability is quite high, works anytime, anywhere, just with the Internet.

Can set ringback tone, automatic answer depending on the needs of the user.

Also can make video calls, report incoming calls, missed calls ...

Above are all the advantages of IP PBX so that readers can easily compare the benefits of IP PBX compared to Analog and make a decision to deploy a PBX for your business. .

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