The installation of a professional internal telephone system is essential for corporate communication. So let's go with GTC to find out about the current internal business phone system with the article below.

What is an internal phone system?
Internal telephone exchange, also known as Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is an important and necessary communication system for internal operation of an enterprise or company. It enables all employees between departments and levels to communicate easily, without having to meet face-to-face.

In a specialized sense, the internal telephone system is a separate automatic switching system, each station switch for the telephone system helps the terminals to make calls to communicate with each other at the same time. currently calls out on a number of subscriber lines from specific providers, such as carriers VNPT, Viettel, FPT ...

For many businesses, large-scale companies, large number of employees or many departments, setting up an internal telephone system is absolutely practical and necessary.

What benefits does the phone system bring to businesses:
Using the phone system within the enterprise brings a lot of benefits thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

Optimize and secure all calls, secure all voice information according to internal call schedules.

Integrated feature to block harassing calls by individual, group, by date.

There is no charge for making internal communications.

Integrate VoIP between branches in the company, for free exchange.

When you go out, you will not miss any incoming customer calls because thanks to the system you can still easily transfer calls to others.

Provides a landline contact whether on multiple extensions, or different geographic locations to deal with customers with a single number.

Phone numbers are easy to read, remember and will not be changed by the phone area code.

The internal telephone exchange can automatically broadcast greetings at your disposal when the customer calls.

Ringing on any phone and capable of transmitting it to the relevant parts.

Above are some great benefits that the internal phone system brings to companies and businesses that use it. By taking advantage of the above outstanding advantages, businesses can save a lot of costs. At the same time, the human resource management and the quality of customer care are also significantly improved.

Some notes when choosing to install an internal phone system:
To be able to choose and install for your business a suitable internal phone system, we have a note below for customers to consider to choose the correct one:

Choosing to use traditional Analog or new IP technology.

Ability to sort each user in groups COS, UCD, Account Code.

Gather all calls to one focal point, automatically switch calls on demand.

Incoming calls will be through an automatic answering system DISA-OGM or reception.

Use according to service hours, Hotline, VIP call ...

Optional internal numbering with details of all incoming calls via printer or billing section.

Voice Mail, Door Phone / Door Opener, Music –BGM, Paging.

If your business only needs to simply respond flexibly in internal contact within the company organization, between branches and departments and make outgoing calls, then choose the internal telephone system. Traditional Analog multiples are the cheapest available today.

In case your business needs a switchboard for online sales and customer care, the IP PBX will be the most suitable choice.

In addition, if your business has many branches with high demand for internal calls, the IP PBX is the most suitable solution. IP PBX includes two basic types of systems, one using hardware, and the other using software deployed on online servers. This is the internal phone system with reasonable cost without much investment. Your business can freely choose a reputable service provider like GTC for free consultation on the most suitable and reputable internal switchboard type.

Through the above article, we hope readers will have a better overview of the internal phone system in the business today to be able to give themselves the most suitable options for your company based on on the economic potential but also the benefits that it brings to your business.

Please contact GTC if you have any questions or need to install the internal telephone system at the following numbers: 024.777.99.777 or 0902 253 263.