After two consecutive Covid epidemics, economics and education are undergoing strong transformations into a digital age. But the students or the sales people are still having trouble finding a product to support and optimize performance for learning and selling on the Online environment.

I, Difficulties of LiveStream and training:
The image was blurred, and the face and items were not clearly seen
Laptop mic or other products are not good, not a dedicated mic for baby sound, there is a lot of noise.
The quality of the speaker and the output sound when using the laptop or other devices is not good, leading to possible lack of words.
Can not customize the angle or best recording method when used.
With such difficulties and shortcomings, GTC Telecom gives you a solution with the best Camera and Mic package with the best price today.

II, Combo Camera Yealink UVC20 + Mic omnidirectional CP700

Camera Yealink UVC20
Camera Yealink UVC20 + CP700 Omnidirectional Mic will be a great choice to help you bring the sharpest picture and best sound in today's situation. Let's take a look at some of the advantages that this product line offers.

Sharp images with HD picture mode with 5 million pixels
Create depth and light balance to create the best looking images for your users with UVC 20's auto-shift feature.
Easy to use and control with small product design
High maneuverability and installation in many locations. With the ability to remove and install easily, you can choose the rotation angle and cam angle for the best convenience for yourself.
With Yealink UVC20, the camera has been improved by an additional layer of cam mask. This will make it easier for you to eliminate unwanted exposure and make it easier to learn and sell.
CP700 omnidirectional mic
The CP700 omnidirectional mic will be a perfect match for the Yealink UVC20 Camera to create the most effective working space and learning history.

The quality of sound recording and playback is very good, suitable for those who join online learning and selling online
High noise resistance, eliminate noise and bring the best sound for you to study and trade.
2 In 1: Both a speaker and a microphone for conversation.
With good sound quality, you can use it to listen to music or watch movies very well.
Maneuverability, compact, easy to install and use. This will be a plus point many users love so you can choose the location and location of the speaker.
→ The price for the combo Camera Yealink UCV20 and Mic Omnidirectional CP700 is the cheapest on the market today and comes with 1 month of free copyrighted Zoom software.

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III, Combo: Camera Yealink UVC30 + Mic CP900 + License Zoom.

Camera Yealink UVC30
Camera yealink UVC30 is a product line with great features to support individual learners online or selling online at home.

Camera UVC30 is the product line that can capture 4K Ultra HD images.
Can add Mic to increase sound quality to HD Voice
Long distance collection from 0.5 - 5m
Easy to disassemble and reposition flexibly.
With image quality up to 4k, Micro with wide angle, long focusing distance and convenience. This can be a great choice for you to serve your studies as well as sell online.

With the combination of the Yealink UVC30 Camera and the CP900 Omnidirectional Mic, you get the same quality sound and picture as a full standard small meeting room.

CP900 omnidirectional mic
With CP900, the sound in the clear and smooth level is fully optimized to bring the best quality. Let's take a look at some of the great advantages of this product line.

- Yealink HD sound quality

- Premium HD voice for calls and music

360-degree microphone recording range (two meters)

Six microphone format range for a full full duplex experience

- USB or Bluetooth connectivity for laptops, smartphones and tablets

- Mobile design

- Talk time 12 hours

Especially, customers who buy a combo of Yealink UVC30 Camera and CP900 omnidirectional Mic will receive a gift of one month of using copyrighted Zoom.

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Hotline: 19002626 - 0902 253 263

Or join the Demo via Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 536 536 8888
Passcode: gtc2021