Jabra Best Wired and Wireless Headphones of 2022

There are tons of wired and wireless headphones to choose from, so which is really the best? Maybe you're not sure about whether to buy a headset because it's all the same. Comfort (design), sound quality, features, call performance, noise cancellation... Jabra earphones excellent connectivity, stylish design, good price, ideal for you to choose choose

10 benefits of video conferencing for businesses

The first and most significant benefit that many businesses mention is the solution to reduce operating and travel costs when businesses have many branches. Top 10 benefits of video conferencing in business to help minimize travel between branches in the business.

Yealink BH7X Bluetooth Headset

The BH7X Bluetooth Headset is aimed at people who have chosen a "hybrid" work option, between work in the office and remote work from home, and is portable and flexible enough for everyday use.


GTC Tech is a leading distributor of VOIP equipment and VOIP solutions, today announcing the LAUNCHING event of YEASTAR PBX DISTRIBUTORS in Vietnam. Choosing this company as a distribution partner promises to bring customers the preeminent features of the product as well as create the best business conditions for partners.

Top Yealink Microsoft Teams headsets

As more and more organizations move to using headsets as their primary method of communication, along with softphones, it is important to ensure that the headsets being used are sturdy, reliable, and provide sound. good quality. Yealink is known for its cost-effective yet reliable headsets that can connect directly to a desktop phone or USB to a PC.