Virtual PBX is not a new concept but does not mean that everyone understands what it is. Each feature and utility helps businesses manage more effectively. Originally called "virtual" because users do not see the hardware switchboard equipment and telephone cable systems.
Virtual switchboard help you?
Imagine, you are the boss of a company operating in the field of sales. One day, you receive a call from a stranger with an angry voice, complain about customer service and offer to review the staff attitude and then hang up. You call back, they do not bother to pick up.
Among your employees, who has spoken to this customer? When to say and what to say?
If you use the traditional PBX system, it will be difficult to have an answer. Hard, not impossible. Obviously, you could gather sales staff, and ask who had called the phone number just now? Maybe someone will raise their hand and report the incident. But even then, it's unlikely that you will hear 100% of the story.