Conference Speaker Yamaha YVC-200

Yamaha YVC-200 - Loa họp hội nghị tích hợp Micro Yamaha

The Yamaha YVC-200 conference microphone speaker is a personal speakerphone for important calls whenever, wherever and wherever you want. The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker provides professional sound quality for open workspaces.
- 45mm  full range speaker
- Maximum volume: 88dB@0.5m super wide
- USB, Bluetooth / NFC connectivity for phones, tablets and laptops
- Up to 10 hours of battery life
- Headphone jack for private listening
- Adaptive echo cancellation
- Interactive touch sensor buttons

Mã Product: YVC-200

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The YAMAHA YVC-200 Unified Intercom speaker optimizes sound and gives the freedom to choose where you want to work, increasing productivity while working from home. The Yamaha YVC-200 conference mic speaker for personal technology communication is equipped with Yamaha's top-quality audio processing.
Start a remote, online meeting with the Yamaha YVc-200
The Yamaha YVC-200 Integrated Microphone Conference Speaker is a portable speaker designed to deliver natural and reliable online communication with a simple connection to your devices. The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker has many connection ports so that it can be used and moved anytime, anywhere according to the owner's needs.
- USB, Bluetooth4.2 and NFC connectivity for PCs, phones, tablets
- Built-in microphone with 360° coverage (2m radius)
- Clear Yamaha DSP sound, volume up to 88 dB
- Modern sound processing and noise cancellation technology
- Up to 10 hours talk time
- Suitable for meeting rooms from 5 to 10 people
- Jack Headphone Socket for private listening
- User-friendly sensor button
The space-saving Yamaha YVC-200 speaker microphone is perfect for portability, with a headphone jack giving you the option of enjoying private listening through the meeting device. The Yamaha YVC-200 provides crystal clear sound for your calls.
Boost productivity with high-quality remote calls
With Yamaha's groundbreaking audio processing, the YVC-200 enables full-duplex conversation without loss of sound even when multiple people are speaking at the same time. In addition, powerful speakers ensure natural sound, as if all participants were actually in the room. The YVC-200 makes it easy for users to hear what's being said, be heard, and collaborate effectively in a team, regardless of location.
Convenient remote communication – no stress and problems
- Yamaha's unique sound processing system provides convenient remote communication in a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand.
    + "Adaptive echo cancellation" – provides efficient business calls with full duplex communication
   + Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) distinguishes between human voice and noise
   + "Anti-interference" – better communication thanks to less interference
   + "Automatic Gain Control" – so everyone can hear and be heard
- Loc Microphone Yamaha YVC-200 Super Broadband (FS 32 kHz) also supports audio signal processing. Yamaha YVC200 by integrating into a UC application with a broadband codec, you can enjoy the smooth sound quality of the UC application, making remote communication more realistic.
High stability through automatic adjustment according to the environment
- Sound quality often depends on the operating environment of the external speakers. Yamaha's sound processing system ensures a high level of stability by automatically adjusting to the environment. This means recorded audio is clearly transmitted to remote callers – anytime, anywhere.
360 degree shooting range
- The microphone of the Yamaha YVC-200 has an area of 360 degrees, so the user's voice is recorded and transmitted safely. The sound captured by the Yamaha YVC-200 is transmitted to the other party with superb clarity thanks to the Yamaha sound processor.
Speakers with a maximum of 88 dB
- Although the Yamaha YVC-200 is a compact recording device, the speaker volume is up to 88 dB. This means that the voices of the call partners can be heard at a sufficiently loud volume during remote communication. Meeting participants can sit comfortably and do not have to prick their ears to hear the other person's voice over the loudspeaker.
Collaborate without borders, anytime, anywhere
- The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker features USB and Bluetooth, connects quickly to NFC-enabled devices, and connects easily and intelligently to a wide range of devices, operating systems, and conferencing applications. With the built-in rechargeable battery, the device is ready to use for up to 10 hours. You can hold a meeting anytime and anywhere, even spontaneously at your office or on-site at a customer's premises. So you always maintain the ability to act when instant decisions are pending or you want to communicate a good idea.
Provides up to 10 hours of battery power with no travel restrictions
- Connect to her smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and you can use smart remote communication without wires. Powered by a lithium battery, the device can be used continuously for up to 10 hours on calls. So you can spend all day communicating with others from anywhere without worrying about remaining battery capacity.
Cross-platform compatibility, seamless connection to external conferencing systems
- The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker supports a combination of devices with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems installed, making it the ideal solution for remote communication.
As flexible as you
- Yamaha is designed to be extremely elegant (can be white or black) and blend in harmoniously with the surroundings whether in the office, in the public or in your own home. The small, lightweight and space-saving design is ideal for transporting and connecting to a laptop or mobile device. The headphone jack provides the ability to make secret calls or listen to music between calls.
Connect a headset for secret remote calls
- The Yamaha YVC-200 microphone speaker also has a headphone jack for secret remote calls that no one should be listening to. In this private listening mode, you can make long distance calls or listen to music from your desk without disturbing your surroundings.
User-friendly button with touch sensor
- The top of the Yamaha YVC-200 has 5 keys commonly used for remote communication: Mute the microphone, mute the speaker, adjust the volume (+/-) for the speaker and the call button. This gives you instant access to these features. The buttons are touch sensors, but when you press them, no clicking sound is transmitted to the other party. However, as a user, you will hear a response tone.
Seamless transition from conversation to music
- The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker automatically mutes the music you play via Bluetooth so you can answer calls via the UC app. Only the voice of the person you are talking to is played back through the speaker. When the call ends, the mute function automatically mutes and the music continues to play. This allows users to experience a seamless transition between "concentration" and "communication".
The Yamaha YVC-200 conference speaker is the perfect solution for employees, business executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs conference room-quality sound without the need for a conference room.