Conference Speaker Yamaha YVC-330

Conference Speaker Yamaha YVC-330

The YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Speaker solves the problem of finding an empty room for spontaneous meetings. Yamaha YVC-330 conference speaker with innovative audio conversion technology for clear and natural open workspaces
- Built-in 3 microphones
- Wideband speaker x 1
- Maximum volume: 91 dB (0.5 m)
- Audio frequency: 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz
- Sound processing, echo reduction, good sound
- Connect "plug and play" via USB port or wireless connection Bluetooth, NFC
- Suitable for meeting rooms from 20 to 30 people

Mã Product: YVC-330

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By focusing on participants around the table and removing background noise from noisy work environments, the YVC-330 allows participants to be on either end of the conversation. are focused on the conversation. Don't be fooled by the compact design of the Yamaha YVC-330 Portable Conference Speaker with advanced Yamaha technology, great sound packed into a small package.
Use Yamaha Speaker YVC-330 today to get a good price
- Ideal for small rooms with up to 30 people
- Daisy-chain 2 units for extended coverage
- SoundCap™ technology reduces echo
- Noise cancellation & built-in auto-mute mode
- 3 One-way Mics, 360° . Audio Recording
- Stereo speakers
- USB & Bluetooth 2.1 & NFC connectivity
- Easy to use interface
The Yamaha YVC-330 is a conference speaker powered via USB and connects to sources via USB, Bluetooth, NFC or the 3.5mm aux jack. Thanks to reactive noise cancellation technology and the ability to connect two devices together, you can use the YVC-330 Conference Speaker for conference calls in small, medium and even small workspaces. open space.
The Yamaha YVC-330 conference unit offers three unidirectional microphones to give you a total 360° reception. Built-in SoundCap technology minimizes echo, automatically mutes the microphone when people are not speaking, and measures the surrounding space for the best acoustic response.
You'll notice the screen-free interface, ease of use, and sleek design: these features thoroughly recommend it in the modern business environment. With its plug-and-play operation, you can easily use the YVC-330 with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS operating systems and with any UC-optimized application, including Zoom. . Indeed, it is certified to work with Zoom.