In order to ensure the signal and stability when using the switchboard We are confident to bring you a service "Consulting and implementing the internal switchboard system" to help reduce infrastructure investment costs, management costs, long-distance calling costs ... PRESTIGE - RESPONSIBILITY - QUICKLY.
Gtctelecom, a contractor of VOIP system, will support Consultant to design a professional telephone switchboard upon request to help customers develop their businesses more and more firmly.


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Voice Brandname Service Prestige, Best Quality

Voice Brandname services are some of the services that are gradually becoming more popular and used by many companies and corporations. With an appropriate and convenient cost, this will definitely be the trend of branding in the future.

[Offer] Sign up for the best free 1800 PBX

Registration number 1800 is a very good choice to develop customer care systems in large companies and corporations. A huge advantage of this product line is that when users call this number, they will be free of charge

Professional and reputable telephone exchange maintenance and repair services

Maintenance and repair service of telephone switchboards for businesses always need a lot of meticulousness and professionalism to provide the best service for customers. GTC Telecom is the leading unit providing the best telephone exchange maintenance process today.

Training switchboard techniques

Training switchboard techniques