Dahua PFS5424-24T

Dahua PFS5424-24T

Dahua PFS5424-24T genuine high-end network switcher is a managed switch that fully supports the features of a Layer 2 Switch to help you build a powerful network, high speed access and reliable, Ideal for SMBs, Enterprise

Mã Product: PFS5424-24T

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Dahua PFS5424-24T network switch is used for large enterprises because it can use multiple switches to build a network link into a professional network with many features such as Spanning Tree Protocol and flow Control against distributed packets. clog the network. Helps you well control the plan to build, upgrade and expand the network, to avoid congestion while in use.
- 10/100 / 1000BASE-T x 20
- 1000BASE-T / SFP x 4
Port-based VLANs
Standard 802.1Q VLAN
MAC is based on VLANs
Protocol-based VLAN
- Security features:
Hardware support IP ACL, MAC ACL, VLAN ACL
Hardware supports port-based IP + MAC connection
+ Support IP Source Protection
+ Support ARP detection
Support for IEEE802.1x port authentication
+ Support for Radius authentication
+ Support for user classification management and password protection