What is important in choosing a business headset?
We surveyed thousands of headset users and IT admins globally to understand what matters when choosing a headset
Whether working from home, in the office, or on the go, you need a headset to help you focus on what's important. Our easy-to-use professional headphones deliver superior sound and are integrated with the uc platform for seamless collaboration and simple management. Choose DECT wireless headset as the ideal choice for business
Yealink's DECT headset system is called the DECT Headset + Handset solution. It provides a wireless collaboration solution for real-time communication in multi-site industrial scenarios, such as convenience stores, hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants. This system maximizes cost savings and minimizes downtime. Learn more about the DECT headset solution in this article!
Are these issues affecting your day-to-day business operations?
- Different teams have different communication needs and working styles. Warehouse staff are required to answer incoming calls while sorting inventory, wait staff need to communicate with the kitchen while serving dishes, and staff need to check inventory while making outgoing calls. However, traditional headsets with tangled cords can cause problems for employees, including poor audio quality on intercoms and distracting half-duplex audio quality, which can cause problems. productivity reduction.
- Therefore, a new headset system was developed unnecessarily. The system features high-definition, full-duplex wireless voice technology and is completely hands-free and distraction-free, allowing for seamless communication with others.
How does the DECT headset and handheld solution work? Features to look for:
1. Solution for small coverage areas in Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Clothing Stores
- With the W70B stand, Yealink WH62 DECT headset and Yeaalink W57R phone, managers can easily make calls from their office using their phones. The one-touch feature allows them to have both hands free and the speed dial function allows them to conveniently call the front desk. In addition, employees and managers can push calls to each other in real time, enabling full-duplex communication through the "internal communication" feature.
2. Solutions for medium and large spaces, such as supermarkets, warehouses and various stores
- By using the W80/W90, Yealink Headset WH62 and Yealink Phone W78H with a DECT (DDP) handset, users can achieve a complete calling experience. The DECT facility plays an important role in signal coverage and works with the W70, W80 and W90 to support project specifications from 1 to 250 terminals. DECT headsets can deploy their own SIP accounts, answer and end calls, and use PTT functionality. At the same time, we can set up redial or speed dial. DECT handsets and headsets can share SIP accounts, allowing you to stay connected and not miss any calls while enjoying a hands-free calling experience.
3. Solution for wide coverage in many locations, such as medical facilities
- The YeLINK WH62 DECT and W90 headphones, together with the W59R handset, are compatible with each other. Large systems can support up to 2,000 endpoints with VIM licenses, allowing you to meet peak needs and stay connected with doctors and nurses.
What are the notable features of the DECT headset and handheld solution?
1. Push-to-Talk: Stay connected with your team
- GTC TECH provides Yealink's DECT headset solution. It is very simple and intuitive to use. By holding the hook on the headset, you can communicate with the whole group. Moreover, it allows up to six people to speak at the same time, just like in face-to-face communication. Up to 250 members are allowed to listen simultaneously in a group. Click to talk feature can work even without internet. To keep your hands free during a conference call, you can activate the push-to-talk lock feature by simultaneously pressing the mute and hook buttons. This will allow you to enjoy a hands-free meeting for up to three minutes.
2. Internal communication: Free calling service
- With the intercom system, customers can communicate internally for free even when there is no internet, no need for a switchboard. Stay in touch without a phone number by choosing a member and dialing directly.
3. Internal sharing line: Never Miss a Call
- Shared line means all employees can use the same SIP account. When a call comes in, the person present can receive the call.
4. In addition:
- Wireless DECT headset makes it possible to answer calls hands-free, ensuring call connectivity even on the go. This feature makes it very convenient for users to answer calls hands-free.
- Furthermore, the phone should still be used to make outside calls for mailing purposes. The headset has this feature added when you want to make a call.
- Soft and lightweight leather ear cushions provide all-day comfort and the headband can be adjusted to fit your size for a personalized fit.

With many of us now needing to work from home, owning a great business DECT headset with microphone is a must, allowing you to stay in touch and take part in calls conference anytime, anywhere.
If you are looking for the best DECT Headset for making and receiving work calls, GTC TECH has you covered.
GTC TECH Yealink's DECT Headset Distributor provides you convenience and communication in any industrial environment

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