Maintenance and repair of telephone switchboards for businesses always need a lot of meticulousness and professionalism to provide the best service for customers. GTC Telecom is the leading unit providing the best telephone exchange maintenance process today. Prepare to maintain and repair the phone The preparation is always a very important stage to show the professionalism and accuracy of a repair and maintenance unit. Tools - tools: Prepare a full range of tools - prescribed tools, backup equipment. Papers - documents: Prepare a full set of recommendation papers, ID papers, work confirmation records, work schedule table, and maintenance address list. GTC Telecom's phone maintenance and repair process The implementation process is followed by technicians of GTC Telecom according to the principle of accuracy and fastest for customers. A standard, professional implementation process will bring peace of mind to customers and ensure service quality. Ask the technician to follow each step below: I. Check switchboard equipment: Checking equipment will give technicians an overview of the company's current problem and provide best solutions. Check the hardware: Check the number of equipment (main switchboard main frame, switchboard sub-frame, programming phone, the state of technical general cable cabinet, ... ..). Check the power supply for main frame system, sub frame. Check the equipment operating status. After completing the hardware check, if missing or malfunctioning, ask the customer to confirm. If any device is damaged, follow the warranty or service repair process and cooperate with the customer to handle and quickly put the system into stable operation. Check the software: Check the standard software system installed on the computers connected to the PBX system (programming software, billing software, other related software ...) If there is any problem, ask the customer confirmed goods. Record all errors before proceeding to the next job. Check internal communication cable lines: Check the cabling system and stratum cables and extension cables to the user location. Check the work list to clean, connect the technical cabinets to ensure clean cable cabinets and standard environment for the best signal. If there is any problem, ask customer to confirm. Record all errors before proceeding to the next job. Correct signal With errors in signals, GTC Telecom technicians can quickly fix the problem within 24 hours such as: Loss of signal of the terminal for long distance and internal numbers; Repair of internal network wiring. Commuting and relocating the phone numbers as requested by Party A. Maintenance - Maintenance Process: Backup configuration: Backup the current system configuration from time to time and before executing the programming manipulations to change according to customer requirements. Hardware cleaning: Clean the outside and inside the main frame of the switchboard, the switchboard subframe, avoid dust and dirt in the tank in the condition of high humidity, causing short circuits and equipment damage. Check and clean cooling devices such as power fans, CPU fans to ensure that important equipment works in the best conditions. Reinstall the devices as they were, close the case and seal the device in stable operating condition. Clean the technical cabinets to ensure the environment meets the standards to have good signals. Connecting the locations has the risk of affecting the transmission line signal. Error handling - software updates: Statistics of software errors in the step of checking, classifying and thoroughly fixing all errors. Update to the latest software from the Manufacturer for good management and improve the working efficiency of the system. Check it out one last time Technical staff, after doing all the above work, do a final check before handing it over to the customer and seal the system in a stable operating condition. After the periodic maintenance is completed, the software and hardware must run stably and without errors. The efficiency of the whole system is always at a high level. Make a written confirmation of the job performance: All work performed by the technician at the client site must be recorded in the work execution record. Customers will check, evaluate, accept and confirm the minutes. The work confirmation will be an assessment of the technician's level of completion and will add the necessary data to each customer profile. 7. Handling unexpected errors: After receiving the notice from the customer, the Company will send technicians to the customer's address within 3 working hours to combine the handling of errors related to the PBX system with related jobs. vi of the contract and service maintenance, system maintenance. Consulting - Guide customers to use the system effectively: Based on love

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