In fact, companies using landlines aren't as much as they used to be. In particular, the limited features do not help you to take more care of your customers. And the introduction of voip phone is not only an advancement in technology development but also an effective saving solution. So you will choose whether to use a landline or a cheap voip phone.

Difficulty using analog (traditional) phones
Phone limitations often come from the phone line. With little usage demand, analog phones still fully satisfy the needs of users. But for a business, the need for internal voice or external communication with high density, the new IP phone is able to provide good because the bandwidth used of the IP line is larger than the analog line.

When deploying an analog system, it is limited by scalability, analog connection can only be deployed with radius of 1000m. When you change the position of an analog phone, you have to redirect and configure the correct line on the switchboard. Enterprises have to pay additional costs for creating an analog node in parallel with creating a network node for data transmission between computers. Buying a VoIP phone is considered convenient as it makes it possible to make and receive calls from any location.