What is ip phone?
IP phones are the result of research to bring effective solutions to customers. What is an IP phone is a phone using LAN / MAN / WAN network or the Internet, using IP data packets (on LAN, WAN, Internet) with information being transmitted as encryption of sound . These are phones that allow to make calls using VoIP technology.

What are the considerations when buying an ip phone?
With the IP phone is the choice of every business because of its outstanding features, good reliability and affordable price. In addition, the IP phones have many advantages such as the following functions: maybe the volume break button and a screen that displays the incoming call number and caller ID or call hold button and the remarkable thing. The IP phone is that: most of the conversations on the VoIP phone system are used through the internet line. But there are still many problems that the users when buying the ip phone are unknown. Let us study the following cases when using an ip phone: