IP phones were introduced by telecom developers to meet the need for convenience and ease of connection, and exchange calls in the current technology boom.
Although used in daily work desk work but not everyone understand what ip phone is? In general, each user defines themselves as just a desk phone.
However, landline phones are also divided into many categories and the question "What is IP phone?" back to many customers who need answers and support the most. That is also the reason for this article to help you learn about the definition of ip phone.

What is ip phone? Advantages of ip phones
What is an IP phone is a phone using LAN / MAN / WAN network or the Internet, using IP data packets (on LAN, WAN, Internet) with information being transmitted as encryption of sound . These are phones that allow to make calls using VoIP technology. (Like Skype or some other application that uses calls over the Internet).
Benefits of using IP phones

- Install, set up configuration quickly: Configure on the web, take advantage of available infrastructure: ((Internet, LAN, regular phone ...), no need to wire the phone
- Management via web configuration interface: IP phone has a web configuration interface that helps you to calibrate and maintain the phone simply and easily.
- Save on call costs: No charge for international and intercity calls, very suitable for companies with many branches
- Easy system upgrade: Just add extensions without changing the system like regular phones.
- Control full and detailed reporting information: Information about incoming calls, outgoing calls, time and date of the call will be stored on the system's server.
- Video Call: Make Video calls without other support applications.
- Multi-party conference: IP phones are capable of allowing simultaneous multi-party conferencing.