In this article, I will show you how to use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and understand how it works. We will also compare different benefits with conventional analog phones.
What is VoIP phone?
VoIP is a popular acronym and it stands for voice over internet protocol. That means transferring voice over the internet. The regular phones we know about in use depend on landlines and currently depend on the 3G and 4G network spectrum.

How do voip phones work?
VoIP phones make and receive calls over the Internet. This means they can use their office Internet connection to connect to the phone network. In other words, if your office already has Ethernet wired, you don't need to invest in extra copper wire to use your business phone.
To make phone calls, you must first register your VoIP phone to your account. This is the process of connecting your phone to your carrier so they can communicate with each other. Some VoIP providers support starting IP phones for some VoIP phones, which speeds up the phone registration process with the start-up server.