Excelltel 9602B desk phone

Excelltel 9602B desk phone

Excelltel 9602B has many convenient functions, bringing many conveniences to businesses, organizations, hotels, restaurants, motels... Excelltel 9602B desk phone helps improve work efficiency and always ensures quality the best quality
- Can be wall mounted, desktop
- Compatible with Excelltel PBX or other brand analog PBX lines.
- Suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
- Can be used as a test line phone.
- Big buttons, easy to use.
- Adjust off, turn on the bell.
- Tone/Pulse conversion.
- Convert Flashtime.

Mã Product: Excelltel 9602B

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Excelltel 9602B desk phone is a landline phone suitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms in homes and hotels, Excelltel 9602B with proven advantages of stable calls and high durability ideal for Office businesses, shops, hotels, factories...but where many calls are made continuously.
Why is Excelltel 9602B necessary for hotels and businesses?
- Can be installed in 2 ways: wall mounted, desktop
- Suitable for family use in the kitchen, bathroom.
- Can be used as a test phone line.
- Large keyboard, easy to use.
- The regulator turns off and on the alarm.
- Tone/Pulse conversion.
- Convert Flashtime.
Excelltel 9602B smart landline phone is compact, modern, sleek design, suitable for use in bathroom or kitchen of family or hotel. Excelltel 9602 is the best choice for users who are looking for a smartphone with basic functions.
Basic features of the phone Excelltel 9602B
- Compact, elegant and handy design with 2 colors for users to choose from: Black and white,
- Can be optionally mounted with 2 positions: wall-mounted and desktop to increase handling capacity and better access.
- Excelltel 9602B, in addition to providing basic needs such as making regular calls, Excelltel 9602B can be used as a test line phone.
- The keyboard with 12 keys features basic phone numbers, so it is also designed to be large, soft, easy to read and easy to use along with the response rate of the keys on the phone is high so users will not encounter any problems. Any difficulty entering the phone number while dialing.
- The normal number keys for Excelltel 9602B phones are also configured with function keys such as flash, redial, pause and mute/on sound....
   + With the redial key of Excelltel 9602B, users can perform the function of redialing the last dialed number without having to re-enter the entire number again to save time..
   + With Excelltel 9602B you can press the pause button or insert a pause while pasting an international or intercity number into a number list string
The Excelltel 9602B phone also has a built-in ringer volume control so that users can manually adjust the ringtone such as turning on and off according to needs or setting the notification volume high or low for custom ringtones according to personal preferences.