Gtctelecom suppliers of installation and construction of telephone exchange system always try to meet all the most difficult needs of customers and listen to what customers want, high sense of responsibility to ensure that customers have Get the best equipment system

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Installation of internal switchboard

In the era of technology 4.0, many businesses choose to install internal switchboards. Installation of an integral internal switchboard for every business, company, building, hotel ... But for businesses to own a good, stable internal telephone exchange system, it is a matter of putting out top.

Installation of virtual switchboard

Virtual PBX offers a comprehensive PBX solution choice for your business. Sign up to install virtual switchboard today to save up to 70% on costs

Installation of IP PBX

Installing IP PBX with new technology trend because of its ability to meet strong functions and flexible expansion needs. The value it brings is not just about listening, calling and recording. Installation of IP PBX is becoming quite popular in businesses from large to small.