Fanvil C58

Fanvil C58

Fanvil C58 IP phone is an IP phone line designed for offices, hotels, motels. With 2 sip accounts and screen resolution design: 128 * 48 with clear display backlight, 2 direct phone numbers, allowing to receive 2 concurrent calls at the same time.

Mã Product: Fanvil-C58

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Fanvil C58 IP phone is used for 2 SIP accounts, numeric display, customer store, 4 XML programmable keys, 2 Jack RJ45, RJ9 headphone jack, voiceamail indicator.
C58 IP phone uses 2 SIP accounts
- With design screen resolution: 128x48 with clear Backlight display
- 2 direct phone numbers, allow to receive 2 calls at the same time
- Function to display the name of the person and the phone number when calling (The name is saved in the customer directory corresponding to the phone number)
- Ability to save contact names up to 500 names and numbers
- Support missed calls / incoming / outgoing calls for each call up to 300 records
- Support: SIP support SIP domain, SIP authentication (none, basic, MD5), DNS name of server, Peer to Peer / IP Call
- Advanced functions including 3-way conference and
- Capable of 10 way conversation
- Support for jacking headset Headset Headset Headset RJ9
- SDRAM: 16 MB
Input adapter: 100-240V
- Adapter output: 5V / 1A
- Power consumption: IDLE: 2.5W write 2.8 W
- Operating temperature: 0.40
Relative humidity: 10.65%