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Fanvil ip phone is a popular phone line by many customers today. With convenient advantages and impressive features, this series of phones is increasingly being used in many places. To learn more about fanvil phones, read the article below!

What is fanvil phone?
Fanvil ip phone is the phone line of Fanvil - one of the famous telephone companies in the market today. These phones are used over the internet, lan or wan, allowing the user to make multiple calls with VoIP technology (voice propagation technology).

The fanvil phone is one of the most cost-effective, professional, durable and long-lasting desktop IP phones. Some of the main functions of this phone line include function 2 lines, with the screen Lattice backlight, ....

Why should i use fanvil ip phone?
With affordable price, suitable for many different economic budgets and long-term durability, this phone line is very popular with many customers. In addition, fanvil phone also has many diverse and compact calling packages with rich designs, increasing the aesthetics of any space.

The pros and cons of fanvil series phones
This phone line currently has a number of advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Nice design, neat
With many diverse designs and beautiful designs, Fanvil's desktop ip phones have increased the aesthetics of many indoor spaces. Moreover, this phone line is also produced with a small, compact size, suitable for all businesses for work.

Performance is good
Constructed with many modern convenient features, Fanvil's phones always have extremely good performance and very high durability.

There is a large screen
Constructed from high-quality materials and designed on an advanced technological line, the screen of this phone is usually large enough for users to easily call and work.

There are dual network ports
Dual network ports have always been one of the defining advantages of fanvil phones. In particular, the phone also supports two user accounts with simple and flexible setup, allowing to receive two calls at the same time.

Easy to use
The keyboard of this device is extremely sturdy, optimized, researched, tested and arranged, so when customers use the phone, they will not have too many difficulties and troubles.

Contacts save many numbers
In the phone book ip fanvil, users can store up to 500 phone numbers. In addition, this device also supports saving up to 100 missed, outgoing or incoming calls.

Displays caller information in saved contacts
Like cell phones, this series allows to display names and numbers saved in the phonebook when there is an incoming call.

Allows to change phone ringtones
Not only supports many call functions, Fanvil's phone line also allows users to change the ringtone according to their needs. Moreover, it also supports headphone jack to serve call centers for consultation and customer care.

This mobile phone has many advantages and convenience, so it is often used by many businesses. However, they also have some disadvantages:

Depends on the network source to function

Depends on the power source to use

Application calculator of fanvil ip phone
Fanvil ip phones are often used in many businesses, small and medium agencies, many consulting centers, customer care with the following features:

High information security features

Good voice and transmission quality

Supports SIP v2 communication

Highly interactive, wide

There are external speakers that erase echoes

Support three-way conferencing

VPN support

Power over Ethernet capability

Address provide reputable fanvil phone
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