Fanvil X1S IP phone

Fanvil X1S IP phone

The Fanvil X1S is an IP phone that offers a variety of VoIP features that most businesses require, along with additional features such as an EHS headset. The Fanvil X1S IP Phone offers a high-quality user experience at an affordable price.
- Support 2 SIP accounts,
- Display screen 128*48
- 2 Jack RJ45, RJ9 headphone jack, voiceamail indicator light.
- HD audio, phone book store 1000 numbers, call log in/out 600.
- Supports G.711a/u, G.726-32K, G.729A, iLBC, G.722, Opus

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Fanvil X1S is a high-tech VoIP 2-way SIP IP phone ideal for use in call centers, offices and corporate environments.
Why did you choose Fanvil X1S phone?
The Fanvil X1S IP phone features a sleek new look with a clear backlit display and LED-lit newline keys for easier user access. Fanvil X1S supports EHS wireless headset, for professional VoIP telephony experience
- Support 2 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
- Support to save 1000 contacts (including: caller ID, call hold, call transfer)
- 128x48 . dot matrix display
- HD audio both with external speakers and handsets
- Supports EHS wireless headsets (Plantronics, Jabra)
- Desktop stand with 2 adjustable angles 45° and 50°
- Support 9 function keys (Hold / Transfer / Conference / Contacts / MWI / Headset / Redial)
- Compatible with major platforms like Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, Metaswitch, Elastix, Avaya
- Fanvil X1S has a backlit screen and a socket to connect a phone headset.
Fanvil X1S IP phone is an IP-level terminal (SIP standard) that can be used on VoIP PBXs such as Yeastar, Grandstream, 3CX and many other brands, as well as it can be used directly on IP lines of telephone operators or on a telephone exchange

Recommended for installation on workstations powered by a 10/100 Ethernet connection (such as when a Gigabit network is active, we recommend using a terminal with a Gigabit port or using a dedicated cable to connect Connect Fanvil X1S.
This is to avoid the bottleneck effect we'll experience if you're on a Gigabit network and you have to share the network cable with an IP phone equipped with a 10/100 port, as in this case.
Fanvil X1S is compatible with virtual PBX
- The Fanvil X1S phone is ideal for low-traffic workstations, as well as for hotel rooms. It also lends itself to the call center (with the limitation that it can manage up to 2 simultaneous calls as it supports 2 SIP accounts).
- Headset connector allows you to connect professional wired headsets (yealink, Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser), for hands-free communication while maintaining correct posture.