Fanvil X1SP IP phone

Fanvil X1SP IP phone

Fanvil X1SP is a PoE-enabled IP Phone, equipped with all the essentials, plus several advanced VoIP features to deliver the highest quality and most convenient user experience at an affordable price.
128*48 dot matrix display with backlight
· HD Audio with G.722 and Opus
· Newly increased contact / voice message key, 2 line keys with LED
·  2 SIP accounts
・EHS wireless headset support
・Support IPv4, IPv6 protocol
· Integrated PoE

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The Fanvil X1SP continues to be an economical IP Phone that provides the basic features residential or small business VoIP users need. The Fanvil X1SP phone reduces background noise and gives you the ideal HD sound quality for communication.
Can Fanvil X1SP IP Phone be powered by PoE?
The Fanvil X1SP IP phone is designed for businesses with a brand new elegant look with a backlit HD display and new line keys complemented with LEDs perfect for active deployments in office spaces. room, making it easier for users to access and operate.
· Support 2 SIP lines, 3-way conference
· Support 1000 g contacts, caller ID, hold/transfer calls
128x48 . dot matrix display
· HD Voice sound on external speakers and handsets
· Dual fast ports, built-in PoE
・EHS wireless headset support
The stand has 2 adjustable angles 45 and 50 degrees
The Fanvil X1SP phone brings additional highlights like OPUS Codec and EHS headset adapter support among many others. Fanvil X1SP has 2 lines, backlit display and PoE support.

Fanvil X1SP IP Phone Overview
- The Fanvil X1SP is an affordable, low-quality VoIP phone that offers advanced features such as the G.722 codec for high-end audio and the OPUS codec for use in low-bandwidth applications. The X1SP replaces the X1P and adds support for EHS headsets and wall mounts. X1SP offers two lines. Users can dial and receive calls via two separate SIP lines for increased efficiency and flexibility.
- The Fanvil X1SP IP Phone is easy to configure and set up using a convenient web-based GUI. The X1SP is the right phone for those who are looking for a quality phone with key features without breaking the budget.
Features of Fanvil X1SP
- X1SP's clear backlit display
     The extra-large 128x48 pixel network display provides clear 4-line display, allowing quick access to more visual information at a glance. With backlighting, the display is easy to read even in low light.
- X1SP supports EHS wireless headset, for professional VoIP telephony experience
- 2 line operation
      + You can dial and receive calls through two different SIP lines, enhancing your efficiency and flexibility.
  - Support 3-way conference for Fanvil X1SP
      + Tripartite conferencing allows you to leave the conference remotely with two other partners, providing more flexible and powerful session management.
  - Integrated PoE (Power over Ethernet)
     + 10/100 Mbps with PoE (X1P only) built in, no power cables reducing the amount of wires on your desk and allowing you to install IP phones easily.
- Fanvil X1SP is an IP terminal (SIP standard) that can be used on VoIP platforms such as Yeastar, Grandstream, 3CX and many others, as well as directly on power operators' IP lines phone or on a virtual switch.
The Fanvil X1SP is ideal for low-traffic workstations and hotel rooms. It is also suitable for a call center (with the ability to manage up to 2 simultaneous calls as it supports 2 SIP accounts).
The Fanvil X1SP IP Phone becomes a perfect business tool to be more efficient in the office and more productive. Fanvil X1SP is a great choice for large deployments on a tight budget.