Fanvil X1W wifi IP phone

Fanvil X1W wifi IP phone

Fanvil X1W is a cost-effective wifi IP phone that deftly meets the affordability and reliability requirements of any budget.
- 128x48 Dot-matrix screen
- Support 2 SIP accounts
- 1000 number phone book
- 2 10/100 . LAN ports
- HD audio with Harman speakers and wideband codecs G.722 and Opus, Support IPv4, IPv6 protocol

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The Fanvil X1W phone is optimally designed for hotels and businesses with high communication needs with reliability and reasonable price. Fanvil X1W is a new, cost-effective business VoIP phone. The Fanvil X1W Wifi Phone uses a 128x48 dot matrix display, provides a friendly user interface, supports two calls, and is designed to enhance and significantly improve costs.
- 2 SIP accounts
- HD Audio
- 1248 x 48 . dot matrix LCD display
- Handset mode: Hands-free
- EHS support for Plantronics and Jabra . headsets
- 4 Function keys (up, down, headset, redial)
- Tripartite conference
- Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
- Support 2 volume adjustment fee
- Support Call Forwarding (Always / Busy / No Answer)
The X1W IP phone inherits all the features from business phones, such as full-duplex headset and speakerphone mode, PoE, Fast Ethernet, QoS, secure transmission, auto provisioning, and more.
Features of Fanvil X1W Wifi Wifi Phone
- Easy web installation and configuration
- 500 phonebook, caller ID, call waiting/restore, call forwarding, 2-line headband support, allowing you to make and receive split calls on two different SIP phone lines.
- Fast Ethernet - 10/100Mbps Ethernet with POE (X1P) enabled
- High interoperability - Compatible with the most important platforms: 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Xorcom, Zycoo, etc.
Features of Fanvil X1W SIP SIP phone
- 2 SIP account operation: Together with 2 SIP lines, it allows you to dial and receive calls on two different phone lines
- PoE (Power over Ethernet) Available: 10/100 Mbps with PoE, you online need to connect with ethernet cable, reducing the number of wires on your desk
- Trilateral conference support: Allows you to have a 3-way chat between you and 2 other parties
- Easy web-based configuration: With web-based configuration, you can configure Fanvil IP Phone easily
- Contacts 500 contacts: Easily store and dial frequently dialed numbers
- Backlit grid display: Facilitates easy-to-read access, 128x48 resolution, black and white backlit display
- Easily store and dial frequent incoming calls: Allows you to quickly see the name, number, date, and time of incoming calls. Featured with call hold/restore, call transfer, bring you more convenience.
- Compatible with major platforms: compatible with 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.
- Headset support: Talk "hands-free" with a headset (RJ9 port)
Fanvil X1W IP Phone offers users a more convenient operation method, and it can become an effective business office assistant.