Fanvil X3G IP Phone

Fanvil X3G IP Phone "2.8 inch color screen" - Good quality

Fanvil X3G's user interface is smart, user-friendly and easy to install/configure. The Fanvil X3G IP phone offers a premium experience with simplicity for both home and office users, with an elegant look.
  - Use for 2 SIP accounts
  - 2.8 inch 320x240 matrix backlit LCD color screen
  - RJ9 headphone jack, voiceamail indicator light.
  - Support 2 RJ45 ports, HD Audio: HD Codec, HD Speaker - HeadPhone.
  - 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet network port
  - PoE . support

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Fanvil X3G is a stylish, high-speed desk phone that works with a wide range of VoIP platforms and provides users with a comfortable and efficient communication. The Fanvil X3G IP phone with color display, HD audio, offers a great communication experience and is ideal for small and large companies.
What made you choose Fanvil X3G for your business?
The Fanvil X3G phone simplifies your phone deployment and saves you infrastructure costs
- 2 SIP accounts
- 2.4 / 2.8 inch LCD color screen (320x240)
- Save contacts up to 500 categories
- Save call logs up to 300 numbers (in/out/missed)
- Tripartite conference
- Compatible with PoE
- Phone mode (HS) / Hands-free (HF) / EHS support for headset (HP)
- Support RJ9 jack for headphones
- Ethernet CAT cable 1.5m
The Fanvil X3G IP phone has two SIP lines and supports PoE. Its HD microphone and speaker deliver outstanding sound quality and advanced call features such as: mute/resume, hold, call waiting, intercom, call forwarding, Call divert, callback, etc. Optimize your phone. Full QoS support means you can prioritize voice traffic and keep your chats distraction-free helping you boost your workday efficiency.
Outstanding features of Fanvil X3G IP IP phone
- 2.8" color screen
  + In terms of appearance, Fanvil X3G IP phone has a screen size of 2.8 "320x240 colors, a keyboard with 32 keys including 5 function keys, 3 volume control keys and 1 hands-free key. speaker and microphone. HD hands-free will give you more freedom and allow you to move more in the office.You can mount it on the wall or simply on the desk thanks to the various installation options.
- Support EHS Wireless
  + Support EHS Wireless Headset, professional business VoIP phone.
- Scan QR code
  + Fanvil X3G has a novelty, you can scan the QR code that appears on the screen of your phone and automatically access websites from your mobile phone at any time and from anywhere.
- Phone hotspot
  + Fanvil X3G shares a number from the server and each phone has an extension to communicate / transfer / conference with others.
The Fanvil X3G phone delivers a smoother user experience, more visual information, and maximizes productivity in both large and small office environments.