On the market today, there are many lines of IP PBXs of many specialized companies for businesses that are highly competitive. Yeastar PBX line is one of the most popular PBX lines on the market. Which Yeastar switchboard distributor is being chosen the most by partner customers today?
GTC Tech is proud to be a genuine Yeastar IP PBX distributor. With many years of experience in the field of telecommunications equipment supply, GTC Tech hopes to bring useful and effective communication and communication solutions for customers and partners to increase access and exchange. exchange information accurately, securely and stably. With the desire to expand the market, GTC Tech is looking for Yeastar VOIP switchboard agents in Vietnam to cooperate with partners and agents.
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Yeastar's P-Series VoIP PBX products
   Yeastar P series IP PBX is a suitable switchboard for small and medium enterprises, meeting the communication and communication needs in the best way. The P-Series PBX IP PBX system fully integrates the essentials including voice, video, applications, collaboration, ..Designed to optimize and run on today's popular platforms such as Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, web browser.... Linkus UC Client allows users of Yeastar P series switchboards to conveniently, easily connect to mobile phones, desktop computers, web browsers. .. and can turn it into an ip phone with its extension number. This gives you more flexibility in how you work, whether you're in the office or working remotely or anywhere with a connection. Yeastar P Series switchboards ensure simplicity, convenience, and clarity. clear to administrators and employees. With a design that meets the needs of job processing, measurement charts, navigation search bar make it easier for users to use.
Yeastar's P-Series VoIP PBX Modules
- Yeastar P560 IP PBX
   The technologically advanced Yeastar P560 PBX combines a telephony interface, business, administration and security features, and Unified Communications, to enhance the future scalability of small and medium-sized businesses. .
   + Can be used for 100 - 200 people
   + Up to 30 / 60 concurrent calls
   + Max FXS port: 8
   + Maximum BRI port: 8
   + Maximum GSM/4G port: 4
   + Supports E1/T1/J1 . ports
   + Expandable to D30
- Yeastar P570 IP PBX
   The Yeastar P570 VoIP PBX is perfect in companies with remote workers and those who want to integrate the Microsoft Teams platform to use the same Teams client for phone calls.
   + Base Users / Max Users: 300 / 700
   + Max Concurrent Calls: 60 / 120
   + Base / Max Call Center Agents: 300 / 500
   + Max FXS Ports: 16
   + Max FXO/BRI Ports: 16
   + Max GSM/3G/4G Ports: 6
   + Max E1/T1/J1 Ports: 2
   + Expandable D30: 2
- Yeastar P550 IP PBX
   Yeastar P550 delivers a powerful unified communications solution with unparalleled interoperability that allows you to maximize your productivity at work.
    + Up to 50 users
    + 25 concurrent calls
    + 50 Agents Call Center
    + 8 FXS/ FXO/ BRI . ports
    + 4 GSM ports 3G / 4G
GTC Tech is a distributor of Yeastar brand, always committed to customers and partners to provide genuine products with the best quality and reasonable prices. Coming to GTC Tech, customers will receive:
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With many years of operation in the field of VoIP telecommunications, video conferencing and unified communications, a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic staff and technicians, GTC Tech is always confident to bring customers , the most effective VOIP solution partner. For more information, please contact GTC Tech Hotline: 024 777 99 777 or inbox directly to GTC Tech fanpage.