10 benefits of video conferencing for businesses

The first and most significant benefit that many businesses mention is the solution to reduce operating and travel costs when businesses have many branches. Top 10 benefits of video conferencing in business to help minimize travel between branches in the business.

Online meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms by Yealink

Many businesses are in the planning stages of reopening their entire offices and are adopting a hybrid work environment. As employees will likely work in offices and from home, companies must create more workspaces for digital team collaboration. GTC Tech provides Yealink video conferencing solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms with dedicated voice and video quality for all types of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Online learning software

Choosing the best online classroom software for your school or organization is a big deal. Of course, the solution needs to work properly, and there are other more tangible goals like "What is the most effective solution for online teaching?" or "Which platform is easiest to use?" even "Which online classroom software would be the most interesting for teaching and learning?". Good news for online learning software teachers, online teaching Zoom Meeting is still the best choice