FreeMate DH-035TFN

FreeMate DH-035TFN

FreeMate Headset DH-035TFN is one of the most ideal headphones for a noisy call center environment. Designed with modern technology, the DH-035TFN hearphone speaker delivers high quality sound and helps you focus more on the call.

Mã Product: DH-035TFN

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The FreeMate DH-035TFN Headset is specially designed for broadband VoIP phones. The highlight of this headset line has a beautiful design, good performance and is quite solid. Plus speakers and headphones that support broadband, talk all day without earache.
- Clear sound quality
The headset is designed to integrate modern technology, the microphone is capable of eliminating ambient noise. At the same time, keep the user's ears safe with loud sound.
- Feeling very comfortable to wear.
- Professionally designed for customer service centers (Contact Center).
- Transparent and elegant piping type can be adjusted up and down.
High-quality audio filter technology for realistic sound.
- Compatible with all kinds of desk phones, IP phones, other specialized phones such as awaya, Nortel, Alcatel,….
- Depending on the type of phone used, there will be a connection jack as required: Jack 2.5mm, Jack 3.5mm, Jack RJ 9
- Light headband design. There are foam ear cushions that feel comfortable to wear. The 270 degree rotating microphone is easy to adjust to the right position.