Freemate DH-037TB hearphone

Freemate DH-037TB hearphone

FreeMate DH-037TB is a specialized headset designed compact for call and contact center of freemate. The DH-037TB hearphone is equipped with a flexible microphone for optimal placement from the mouth and large ear cushions around floating noise

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Beautifully designed FreeMate DH037TB earphones, compact design, perfect for sound quality and durability, microphones with noise reduction and broadband acquisition functions. FreeMate DH037TB earphone with flexible microphone bar and adjustable to the best position of the mouth. Rotate the microphone bar 340º. Receiver with sound-proof kit, and broadband. Earmuffs with rotating shafts to allow a perfect and comfortable fit on the ear. CU027 leatherette ear cushions, optional foam rubber cushions
- Noise filter function against noise
- Headphones with a cape or detachable worn on both sides. Flexible, flexible, flexible, bendable, in, up, and down speaker is available
- Selecting additional cables such as USB, 3.5mm
- Compatible with all types of Deskphones, DECT, IP phones, Softphones and Skype, MSLync.