According to arstechnica, the Google Pixel Buds is the latest line of headphones from Google with outstanding features that impress users. That is the ability to directly translate more than 40 languages
Along with the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL duo, Google has launched a new wireless headset called Pixel Buds. This is the first wireless headset from Google, but it is not the same as Apple's AirPods because there are still wires connecting the two sides of the headset.

The Google Pixel Buds can connect to a Pixel 2 using Bluetooth, and can also connect to a variety of other devices. The Pixel Buds control buttons are built into the right earbud. You can activate Google Assistant by pressing the control button, and the virtual assistant will read existing notifications and messages to you through the headset.
However, those are not the most attractive features of the Pixel Buds, but the most attractive feature of this headset is the integration of Google Translate and can translate in real time. Like a magical treasure, Pixel Buds can translate the language the person is speaking into a language of your choice.