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Grandstream PBX is currently a very cost-effective product with many outstanding advantages. This product is often used by many businesses to save much time and money. To understand more about this product, join us in reading the article below. In this article, we will introduce you to some useful information about ip grandstream switchboard.

What is grandstream switchboard?
Grandstream Switchboard is one of the famous products of Grandstream Networks company. This product can connect to many different branches, helping users to save time and money.

Grandstream ip PBX allows us to connect from about 500 branches to 2000 branches without having to spend time buying licenses. Moreover, this product also has a feature that allows people to create Room for more people to participate in chatting, working meetings.

With the configuration of 2 network ports, built-in USB connector, SD card slot and 8 PSTN ports connected to 2 post offices, this switchboard is always preferred by many people to save costs.

Grandstream switchboard is currently being chosen by many businesses because the product has many convenient advantages. With simple operation and the saving of manpower, effort, cost and time, the product has been increasingly spread in the market today.

Product advantages and disadvantages
In order not to spend too much installation cost as well as many other costs incurred, many businesses today have turned to this great product choice. Today's popular popular grandstream phone switchboards have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of the product
Simple configuration, easy to use through the interface on the website

Users can use it with easy manipulation

Suitable for multiple service providers without the need for hardware upgrades

Suitable for places where switchboards are available

Grandstream switchboard Always ensure that all communications are confidential and stable

Save a lot of investment costs

Has the feature to automatically receive and answer calls

Programmed allocation of professional calls

Administration, capture all information quickly

Easy to install

Product disadvantages
Depends on network infrastructure

Easily affected by power supply

Application of grandstream switchboard
Grandstream PBX is often used by many people in businesses with the following features:

Support for 300 users, 500 SIP machines, 60 concurrent calls

Simple to use configuration over the web

Automatically register, grant accounts for users

Firmware update feature

Support call divert with ringback tones

Able to record multiple calls

Support updating and statistics for all calls

Video calls can be received

Has extremely high memory

Data transfer feature to email

Quick access, easy to use

Manage separate account types

Contact where grandstream quality is provided
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