Grandstream Phones

Grandstream phone is a device widely used by switchboards, offices and enterprises. So what is VOIP Grandstream phone, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this device? Let's find out through this article.

Introducing Grandstream phones
Grandstream IP phones are specialized phones for call center busers at PBXs. Grandstream IP phones are especially suitable for small to medium businesses, or home offices.

Advantages of Grandstream phones
Grandstream phones are currently selected by many businesses because they have the following advantages:

Outstanding sound quality
VOIP Grandstream phones possess clear, clear voice quality to aid efficiency in improving customer interaction.

Abundant functions
Grandstream phones have function keys: Transfer, Conference, Voicemail, Record, Paging, Speakerphone, Phonebook, Mute, Volume, ... This diverse system of functions will help you to use your phone. convenient, easy and achieve higher work efficiency.

Function to display the person's name and phone number when calling
VOIP Grandstream phones possess the function of displaying the person's name and phone number when calling. In addition, the phone also supports saving contacts up to 1000 numbers to help you save contacts comfortably.

Supports multiple SIP accounts
The latest Grandstream Phones also support multiple SIP accounts, allowing multiple incoming calls at the same time.

Multi language
Some of the latest VOIP Grandstream mobile phones also support multiple languages ​​such as: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Chinese, Korean, Japan. Helping businesses more convenient in choosing the language to use.

Diversity of models
Grandstream IP phones currently have many lines in the market, such as: feature phones, IP VIDEO phones, wireless IP phones, ... each line will have its own features and different prices.

Thanks to the variety of models, customers can easily make an objective comparison of the advantages and disadvantages between models to choose the most suitable product for their business.

Disadvantages of Grandstream phones
Despite possessing many advantages, VOIP GrandStream phone also has certain disadvantages: Whether the call quality is efficient and stable or not depends not only on owning a quality phone, but also on the transmission line. also need to be very stable.

Application of Grandstream phones
VOIP Grandstream phone is a dedicated phone line for call center department at PBXs. Thanks to the preeminent features and a variety of models to choose from, Grandstream phones help improve call quality, increase interaction between you and customers, and bring the highest productivity to businesses. .

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