Grandstream UCM6304 IP PBX

Grandstream UCM6304 IP PBX

Grandstream UCM6304 is designed with businesses of all sizes in mind, creating a powerful and scalable unified communications solution. The technologically advanced Grandstream UCM6304 IP PBX includes three Gigabit auto-sensing RJ45 network ports with built-in PoE+ and NAT router support.
- Analog ports: 4x FXO, 4x FXS
- Built-in 2000 User
- Maximum concurrent calls: 300
- Maximum concurrent SRTP calls: 200
- Maximum video conference: 30
- Maximum voice conference: Up to 120
- 320x240 . color LCD screen
- 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 SD card interface

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The Grandstream UCM6304 of IP PBX allows businesses of all sizes to build powerful, scalable unified communications solutions that are easily managed and monitored with no licensing fees.
What is the price of Grandstream UCM6304 IP PBX in Vietnam in 2022?
Grandstream UCM6304 UCM6300 IP PBX Application of unified communications technology on a centralized network, including voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, analytics, mobility options, access facility access, internal communications, etc.
- Supports up to 2000 extensions
- 300 concurrent calls
- 200 concurrent SRTP calls max
- 4 analog phone FXS ports (RJ11)
- 4 FXO ports PSTN series (RJ11)
- Support 8 video conference rooms
- 60 Meeting rooms with 1080p
- Voice conferencing: Up to 200 parties (G.711)
Grandstream UCM6304 is an enterprise-grade IP PBX appliance for business communications - no license fees. UCM6304 enables VoIP telephony and video conferencing for up to 2000 users and 300 concurrent calls (200 calls using SRTP encryption) with an integrated conference bridge for up to 200 conference participants audio conferencing and up to 4 rooms and 40 video conferencing participants at Full HD 1080p Resolution. Perfect for a medium to large business that wants to be in control of their communications, the UCM6304 supports HD video conferencing with a full feature set - screen sharing, whiteboarding and more.
For VoIP phones, you get all the features - caller ID, call queues, customizable call distribution and more. The UCM6304 centralizes control for all your communications - plus intercoms, access control, analytics and more. You even get an auto attendant with up to 5 levels of interactive voice responses.
Grandstream UCM6304 features an easy-to-read display - simplifying management. It protects your communications with enterprise-grade security - secure boot, SRTP encryption and more. Built-in NAT router supports both routed and switch mode. The Grandstream UCM6304 has four FXS ports for connection to an analog phone line and four FXO ports for connection to a PSTN line. The Grandstream UCM6300 Series phone operating system is based on Asterisk 16.