The enterprise switchboard solution system is playing an increasingly important role in helping to increase sales and better reach customers. With that necessity, GTC Group gives you great incentives to help businesses make good use of the source of their customers.

I, the difficulties of businesses when approaching existing customers.

Imagine a company that does not have a professional switchboard will encounter when connecting with its customers such as:

There is no switchboard system, the combination between departments. Therefore, providing the best service will take more time.
It costs carriers more to look after and guide customers about the company's products
It is harder for customers to find your business without a unified and easy-to-remember number
It is too difficult to remember the preferences and needs of each customer when there are so many calls coming every day
Dispute issues that occur when customers change their minds will cause businesses to fall into a passive situation and difficult to have the best solution.
These are just 5 of many difficulties when businesses do not have a professional and flexible business switchboard system to care for customers. Therefore, using a business switchboard solution is very necessary in the present time to optimize the budget and bring more opportunities to serve potential guests.

II, Why should use the enterprise PBX solution

Switchboard for businesses is not a new solution in Vietnam but has been used for a long time in banks, hotels, restaurant chains and large business establishments. So why do leading businesses and companies in Vietnam like Vietcom Bank, Techcombank or corporations like Vin Group need to use the switchboard for their units.

High security for internal calls as well as customer care
Block unwanted calls, annoying calls and annoying businesses
Free calls for internal calls and outbound calls are also much cheaper than using regular phones
VoIP can be integrated for businesses with multiple branches. There is no call charge when branches are connected to VoIP
The switchboard system works flexibly, when a customer service employee does not answer the call, the call will be transferred to another person.
Have a landline number for customers to contact and create credibility for the business
You can choose a beautiful switchboard number to build trust and make it easier for customers to remember your brand
Maybe the greeting when the customer calls. Create a sense of professionalism and increase sympathy with customers.
So, currently on the market, there are any PBX solutions and what is the most reasonable solution for your business. Contact GTC Group immediately to get the best products with the best prices for your business.

III, Great incentives when installing PBX system at GTC Group

The PBX system is one of the essential equipment to help units improve sales and develop business systems. Grasping those needs, GTC Group offers preferential packages to users such as:

Buy 10 get 1 free for mobile phones being distributed at GTC Group
Install the switchboard system immediately give 1 phone or headset
Free software installation and manuals
Supports installation costs up to 20%
IV, Why choose GTC Group to provide PBX solution for businesses
GTC Group is one of the leading companies in Vietnam providing PBX solutions for businesses. As an industry leader, we are committed to providing solutions with many incentives:

Product quality is always best guaranteed, full of documents
The price is always competitive, the best on the current market
The technician team has many years of experience.
Telesales enthusiastic team, 24/7 support for customers
Attractive warranty and after-sales policy. Support 1 for 1 if the item is defective
Contact GTC Telecom immediately at Hotline: 1900 2626 for the fastest consultation

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