GTC Tech Distributor of genuine NEC telephone switchboards in Vietnam with the best price suitable for the needs of using telephone exchange equipment in businesses. With the goal of expanding the distribution network of NEC switchboards, GTC Tech is always interested in Agents, so there are good price policies for projects that bring high efficiency when business cooperation of the two parties.
With the style of a Japanese technology company's switchboard, NEC's switchboard is very diverse, flexible, has outstanding technology, the ability to upgrade and expand in the future, is suitable and meets the specific requirements of each customer. enterprise. Nec switchboard promises to be a useful and preeminent telecommunications solution for businesses to use

Outstanding features of the NEC . telephone exchange
- This is a line of switchboards that help with good power convenience
- Can upgrade the system flexibly and easily
- Integrated call greeting makes it easier for customers to connect.
- Free phone calls when calling via VOIP
- Has the function of remote control through devices such as mobile phones or computers
- Hold meetings remotely through the system
This system is also easy to maintain
Nec switchboard product lines are being distributed at GTC Tech
1. Nec switchboard SL2100
- Extends up to 3 SL2100 . frames
- Up to 48 CO . trunks
- Up to 96 Analog extension numbers
- Up to 112 IP Extensions (Digital/IP)
- 2h VM/VRS recording +
- 8 VoIP Channels +
- 4 channels of video chat via web
Advantages of Nec SL2100
- IP Unified Communication Client
- Ideal for small/medium organization
- Suitable for Hotel/small motel
- Suitable for health care
- Smart mobile option
2. Nec SV9100 switchboard
Capacity: 1296 ports
Configure Redundant CPU with integrated mobility feature
– Upgrading to 512 Port trunks.
– 32 channel conference call
- Built-in 256 voip channels
– Support Multi-Line SIP Client, multi-Carrier SIP.
– Thoroughly exploit the network's applications on the internet.
3. Nec SV9300 switchboard
- Separate, scalable Unified Communications
- Voice/UC/UM delivered as an integrated solution
- Comprehensive Contact Center Kit
- Multiple endpoints (IP/Digital/Analog)
- Station up to 1,536
- Support 2,048 ports
- Trunks up to 512
4. Nec SV9500 switchboard
- Unified Communications IP First
- Integrated Voice / UC / UM solution
- Comprehensive contact center suite
- Multiple apps and mobile devices
- One point configuration and management, VoIP seamless integration
- 19 inch stackable chassis architecture
System capacity up to 4,000 IP stations
- Scalable to 16,000 (RNoIP) / 192,000 (FCCS / CCIS)
- Multi-stream SIP client, multi-carrier support
- Virtualization support
GTC Tech is proud to be the distributor of genuine NEC telephone switchboards at good prices in Vietnam and always brings customers VOIP devices that are adapted to the requirements of businesses in the current time.
GTC Tech is committed to bringing the best products and solutions to businesses as well as a successful and long-term cooperation with agents nationwide with the motto "COOPERATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT"