DECT headphones are good for work

Top Yealink DECT headphones are great for the office or home. DECT headphones have nearly ten times the range of other headsets. They are ideal for large environments such as factories, hospitals or hotels. DECT headsets support connection with DECT devices to achieve efficient and convenient real-time communication in industrial scenarios. so businesses often use them as part of their enterprise-wide communication system.

Review Yealink BH series Bluetooth headset

In today's highly mobile business environment, freedom of movement and comfort are essential. The new Yealink ΒH line of wireless Bluetooth headsets offers what active workers are the most, premium sound quality with features ideal for a variety of work environments.

DECT & Bluetooth - Which Headset Is Right For You To Use?

When looking to buy a headset for yourself or your company, you've certainly come across Bluetooth headphones and DECT headphones. Bluetooth headsets and wireless headphones are often used interchangeably, and the line between Bluetooth and DECT often seems a bit blurred. But they're basically the same thing, right? . Well, both have different unique technologies and the right one for you depends on your specific needs.

Review Jabra Evolve Series headphones

The Jabra Evolve are the best-looking wired headphones ever, they offer a wide range of connectivity options, are great for chatting and listening to media, and built to last. The Jabra Evolve Series headset is designed to be the best professional headset for productivity in the open office.

Discover Yealink WH6X Wireless Headphones

The Yealink WH6X series headphones deliver superb sound quality through two built-in microphones that support HD Voice and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, while providing outstanding wearing and operating comfort. Discover initial testing with four models of headphones: WH62, WH63, WH66 and WH67 at GTC TECH

Review Yealink WH62 wireless headphones

Wireless office headsets, like many other areas of technology, continue to evolve. Previously, there were only a handful of wireless headphone manufacturers. Today, more and more companies are involved in the creation of wireless headset technology. Yealink WH62 wireless headset review includes wireless range test + microphone