Headphones EOPS

The EPOS headset provides an advanced audio solution for businesses.
EPOS headphones deliver crystal-clear sound, comfortable wearing, and superior noise cancellation, allowing for uninterrupted communication and productivity. With a variety of wired and wireless options, the EPOS Headset covers every business need. Whether you're in a noisy open office or on important calls on the go, the Headset enhances your business communication with the EPOS headset.
What do you need headphones for?
- Contact center headset
  The EPOS headphones are designed with the ultimate in user experience in mind, offering exceptional comfort and crystal-clear sound quality to keep you focused and productive throughout the workday. With features like noise-cancelling microphones, intuitive controls, and durable materials, our headsets are built to meet the needs of busy contact center environments. Discover the perfect headset for your needs and experience the difference with the EPOS Headphones.
- Headphones work on the go
   Premium headset for professionals on the go to focus and make clear calls anywhere. Built with beautiful and durable materials, these headphones are perfect for those who demand high-quality sound, comfort, and portability. With EPOS AI advanced noise cancellation technology and multi-device connectivity, you can stay productive and focused on the go. Whether you're at a crowded airport or a bustling coffee shop, EPOS headphones designed for mobile workers provide reliable and vibrant sound to match the dynamic demands of work. when moving. Shop now and enhance your on-the-go experience.
- Educational headphones
   + Explore EPOS's range of educational headsets that are perfect for students in the classroom or virtual learning. These lightweight, durable and plug and play headphones feature a simple, user-friendly design that allows students to focus on their task. With clear audio quality, students can stay engaged and achieve their learning goals.
- Health care headset
   In today's digital world, specialty healthcare does not depend solely on receptionists and clinicians. For healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care and services in the digital age, secure, easy-to-use communication tools and technologies are needed to keep the office running smoothly. and protect patient privacy.
- Headphones work from home
   + Perfect communication from home office with clear communication. A portable headset with easy device compatibility that helps you stay productive and focused. Whether you're on important business calls, participating in virtual meetings, or listening to music while focused, EPOS headsets deliver crystal-clear sound and a seamless user experience. Enhance your work-from-home experience with EPOS headsets designed to keep you connected and productive.
- Working headphones
   A premium headset solution for professionals who demand exceptional sound quality and flexible connectivity for a seamless hybrid work experience. With industry-leading technology and premium design, EPOS headphones deliver crystal clear sound, noise-cancelling features, and a wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, and a 3.5mm jack. Whether you're working from home, in the office, or on the go, the EPOS headset is designed with the hybrid worker in mind to help you stay focused on being productive anywhere.
- Professional office headset
   + Count on clear communication – even in the busiest office environments. Enjoy high-quality headphones with great comfort and beautiful design. Choose from Bluetooth® or wireless DECT as well as wired solutions based on your needs. Certified and optimized for UC for a seamless meeting experience.
- Entry level headphones
   + Lightweight, easy-to-use headset with passive noise reduction to block unwanted noise and optimized for UC for a seamless communication experience. The EPOS low-end headphones are perfect for users who want an affordable option without sacrificing sound quality.
- New Open Office headset
   + Stay focused on new open offices with the right headset, the EPOS headset is made especially for the new Open Office. With a best-in-class audio performance headset solution, benefit both sides of the call and help you focus and communicate clearly, regardless of noise levels.
- First Responding Headphones
   First-response headset, designed to enhance communication in high-pressure situations. Noise canceling technology and crystal clear audio allow first responders to stay connected and focused during emergencies. Provides all-day wear comfort and ensures reliable communication for first responders in critical situations. Explore first responders headphones to find the perfect solution.
- C3 (Command, Control and Communication)
- Air traffic control
Listen with your brain
- Long working days, wearing headphones a lot can cause fatigue, EPOS headphones support your brain when working.

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