Headphones Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB

Headphones Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB

Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headset is a standard USB 1-ear headset designed to meet the comfortable communication needs of Call centers, operators ... ensuring clear and stable conversations. Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB has good noise cancellation, the ability to eliminate ambient noise up to 20% compared to other modules in the same system.

Mã Product: Jabra-Biz-1100-Mono-USB

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

1,035,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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To target for office users, operator, online teaching and learning ... Biz 1100 Mono USB Headset is compact, handy, can talk all day long without earache.

Why choose Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headset
Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headset is a compact, lightweight wired headset with good conversation to meet the needs of voice quality for users such as telesales, customer care centers or online teaching and learning at home. . Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB delivers clear sound quality at an affordable price.

Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB has an outer shell made of high quality plastic, ensuring high durability for the user. In addition, the headset with light weight, helping to wear for a long time without causing fatigue.

Mono wired USB headset

- Mono sound quality Voice HD

- Microphone noise reduction

- The microphone lever can rotate 270 degrees

- USB cable with volume controller and call button.

- Adjustable and flexible microphone stand

- Replaceable foam ear cushions

- Hearing protectors are covered with replaceable foam

With Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headphones you should place the microphone as close to the mouth as possible, as "noise cancellation" technology requires the ideal microphone position otherwise, the quality and "volume" of the sound that the person opposes. The perceived voice will be reduced.

Features of the wired headset Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB
Call center Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headset can be used on landlines and cordless phones, but can also be used on smartphones and smartphones or tablets.

The sturdy design won't disappoint you
The contact center requires a headset that can survive intense use - all day, every day. The Biz 1100 is constructed of durable materials and features a 270 ° rotating flexible swing arm with no risk of fracture.

Affordable, entry level model
Designed for cost-conscious call center markets, the Biz 1100 Mono USB provides all the basic call center features for professional audio calls.

Professional sound
With noise canceling technology to reduce background noise, the Biz 1100 Mono USB powers great audio calls, even in noisy call center environments.

Connectivity and wearable options
The Biz 1100 Mono USB series offers stereo and monophonic models, with a choice of USB versions. The USB versions come with an intuitive controller for better call control.

Jabra Biz 1100 Mono USB headset is one of the good quality headphones but still ensures the lowest price possible. If you need more information about this product, you can immediately contact GTC Telecom for the best support.