Headphones Jabra Biz 1900 Mono

Headphones Jabra Biz 1900 Mono

The Jabra Biz 1900 Mono headset is a great choice for low-cost, high-quality, low-noise, noise-canceling contact centers. Jabra Biz 1900 Mono is a reliable and secure headset by automatically eliminating dangerous audio conflicts for users.

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The Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono headphones have a sturdy, compact construction for easy talk and all-day wear, with microphone adjustable headband, flexible swingarm and cool ear cushions, it gives you You have maximum comfort and allow you to tailor the headset to suit your preferences to make calls most efficient.

Why choose headphones Jabra Biz 1900 Mono
Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono headphones feature a noise-canceling microphone and deliver clear, quality sound to make your calls more efficient at an economical price point. It has a USB version that gives you flexibility as it is compatible with any USB port like with a PC, tablet or laptop or it also comes with a QD connection meaning it can be plugged in to power. Your desk phone to create the perfect office headset.

- Cost-saving single-ear wired headset

- Compact and comfortable design

Works with Wifi, Dect, Analog phones

Flexible microphone lever can rotate 270º

- Optimized for unified media usage experience

- Connects to PC and can be used for music / audio playback and for voice calls

Weight 45g

Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono are wired headphones designed for most of the time in office workers. This model has a QD connector, which first makes connecting and disconnecting headphones quickly, and the second, allowing you to use this device with most modern office phones. Depending on the device model, the headphones are connected through special adapters.

Headphone Jabra Biz 1900 Mono feature
The BIZ 1900 Mono telesale headset works in the standard frequency range, so this model is recommended for use with regular analog phones. The microphone has standard noise cancellation and sensitivity functionality, suitable for most medium-noise office environments. For very noisy offices (for example, large call centers) it is recommended to use Jabra headphones with two speakers and increase the noise cancellation of the microphone.

Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono headphones are protected with a comfortable headband. The microphone is mounted on a flexible arm with a rotating angle of up to 270 degrees. The headset has two types of ear cushions - foam and artificial leather. Both options ensure comfortable use of the device throughout the working day.

Ideal for cost-conscious call centers

The Jabra GN1900 is an affordable, high-quality headset offering professional features at an extremely competitive price.

Designed for call centers, the Jabra GN1900 improves agent productivity and efficiency. With the noise-canceling microphone, your customers aren't disturbed by the background noise of your surroundings, completely filtered.

Light weight, solid design and professional quality

The headphones come with a QD (quick disconnect) jack for instant connection to a wide variety of amplifiers and phone systems. Just connect the headset to the phone system to benefit from this amazing investment.

The Jabra GN1900 is available in both mono and dual versions with multiple adjustment points making it a device that perfectly suits the individual preferences of each user. Its headband-like support, combined with a lightweight design, gives you extended comfort - even in heavy phone environments.

Choose a cost-conscious headset from the brand you trust. Jabra Biz 1900 Mono headphones are ideal for use in crowded and noisy open office environments.