Headphones Jabra Pro 920 Mono

Headphones Jabra Pro 920 Mono

The Jabra Pro 920 Mono headset is designed for use with most large desktop phone systems. A cost effective option for use in most office environments. Jabra Pro 920 Mono is easy to use and deploy, quick to accept.

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Jabra Pro 920 Mono wireless headset, you don't have to sit behind your desk when making a call. Instead, you can walk gently anywhere, thanks to the maximum wireless range of 120 meters.

Why choose the Jabra Pro 920 Mono headset
Jabra Pro 920 Mono headset is optimized with all leading desk phone systems or Unified Communications platforms, so it is easy to deploy. Simple and intuitive call controls make it easy to control calls from your headset, a fact that increases employee acceptance.

- Wireless headphones

Wireless Dect range up to 120 m / 325ft

- Talk time: 8 hours

Standby time: 36 hours

- Conference call capacity: 4

DECT 1.8 wireless technology

- Easy to install with voice prompt

- Smartly adjust power consumption

The Jabra Pro 920 Mono call center headset with a noise-canceling microphone ensures that your chat partner doesn't hear your co-workers' noises. In this way, you can also make successful phone calls at the offices or busiest call centers.

Features of Jabra Pro 920 Mono headset
Another great benefit of the Jabra Pro 920 Mono wireless headphones is that employees don't have to stay at their desks all the time when communicating with customers, meaning they can walk around the workplace to collect gather necessary documents and likes. Especially when they're paying for the call, so the Jabra Pro 920 Mono headset can be extremely beneficial for your business if there is a possibility that the employee has to leave the desk during the call, regardless of reason. due.

Simple but effective

- Jabra PRO 920 Mono is a professional headset designed for use on desk phones. This is a simple, reliable and affordable way to start taking calls while on the go freely when at or away from your desk.

Portable but long lasting

With an operating range of up to 120 meters, this headset really allows you to travel long distances while talking. With 8 hours of talk time and comfortable design even after long periods of use, long or frequent calls should be no problem.

Highest standard microphone and sound quality

The sound quality and clear voice of these Jabra headphones are enhanced with built-in technology like Jabra SafeTone, which protects your ears by eliminating loud noise and maintaining a safe volume level. The noise-canceling microphone eliminates background noise, ensuring that you deliver your message clearly without competing for being heard by background noise.

Realistic design

Integrated call answer and end buttons, as well as volume and mute functions, give good control over call levels directly from your headphones. The headphones will also intelligently go into sleep mode when inactive, to conserve power and improve battery life.

Compatible with all leading analog and digital desk phone systems, this Jabra headset represents a great way for most small and medium businesses to transition to wireless, simultaneously Improve productivity, call quality, and employee comfort.

The Jabra Pro 920 Mono headphones are a cost-effective choice for use in most office environments. It is easy to use and deploy, making it fast for users to adopt.