Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Duo

Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Duo

Jabra Pro 930 Duo headphones free users from their desks, allowing them to freely move within 120m while delivering the best call performance. Jabra Pro 930 Duo is designed to be simple and powerful at an attractive price.

Mã Product: Pro-930-Duo

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Jabra PRO 930 Duo headphones let you multitask with maximum efficiency, move between rooms or simply work at your desk - while staying up to date and in control of your calls.

Why choose the Jabra Pro 930 Duo headset
With Jabra Pro 930 Duo headset, you can connect it to your VoIP soft phone and make wireless calls all day. Thanks to the comfortable design, you can wear these call center headphones without ear pain. Meanwhile, the noise-canceling microphone lets you mute

- Wireless Bluetooth headset

- HD Voice and noise cancellation

Wireless range up to 120m / 395ft

- Battery time 8 hours

- Optional for landline and soft phone users

- Integrated ringtones on base device

- Support 4-way conference

Enjoy crystal clear sound with digital signal processing (DSP) technology that reduces background noise and eliminates echo. Jabra Pro 930 Duo headphones also protect users against sudden peak volume with an advanced feature built in to enhance the user's hearing protection.

Features of Jabra Pro 930 Duo headset
Experience the wireless freedom to work with HD-voice quality and the amazing sound of the Jabra PRO 930 Duo you'll never want to return to with a traditional handheld device.

A reliable, professional wireless telesale headset that's attractive and simple in price, without compromising on sound quality. There are both DECT and Bluetooth versions available with several duo and single variants for both desktop and PC.

Combining technology and functions

Jabra PRO 930 Duo DECT Headset is an excellent value professional headset designed specifically for Unified Communications and PC-based communication systems like Skype.

User-friendly design

This rugged binaural headset offers a variety of useful functions and a simple, friendly design at an affordable price.

Range up to 120 meters

- With a range of up to 120m, the Jabra PRO 930 Duo gives you the freedom to move around in the office and keep working while talking. The wideband sound quality on this headset is excellent for soft phone calls, remote reference, live presentations and multimedia applications.

Noise canceling microphone

- Your hearing is protected from sudden loud noises with Jabra Safe Tone, which also maintains a comfortable volume and the noise-canceling microphone prevents the person talking from hearing ambient noise.

Easy to set up

- Jabra PRO 930 Duo is certified and optimized for all leading Unified Communications platforms and is easy to set up with plug and play connection and you can control your calls with the control buttons Simple and intuitive calls on the headset itself.

Energy saving

- The Jabra IntelliPower® system automatically adjusts power consumption, saves energy and reduces CO² emissions.

Jabra PRO 930 Duo headphones with a sleek, simple, reliable design for wireless connection wherever you work. It also makes an ideal solution for busy offices using the UC platform.