Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS

Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS

Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS Headset is a wireless stereo headset optimized for use with all soft phones and computers with Microsoft apps. It delivers your voice in your office or private room. The Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS Bang Headset gives you the wireless freedom up to 120m, making it the ideal headset for businesses working in noisy environments.

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Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS headset is professionally designed with high quality, good noise cancellation technology for clear conversation, suitable for any business. This headset becomes an attractive solution for office workers as well as contact centers or call center agents.

Why choose the Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS headset
Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS Headset provides simple connectivity, you can receive and make calls from both your desk phone and your mobile device. The Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS telesale headset is easy to set up and get started, the headset comes with a pre-connected charging dock so you can make calls right away.

- Jabra's most user-friendly wireless headphones

- Advanced noise canceling microphone

Wireless range up to 395ft

- Battery time 8 hours

- Support 4-way conference

The Jabra PRO 930 Duo MS headset is the perfect low-end device for use in a professional office or contact center. This wireless headset is supported via USB connection and is simple to use without requiring technical assistance from the experts.

Designed for Microsoft Lync and PC-based soft phones, the Jabra PRO 930 Duo MS callcenter Headset is an intuitive device that gives users the flexibility to walk and move around the workplace, away from the desk. up to 395 feet. It's also very affordable, with even built-in technologies for a better audio and audio experience.

Headphone Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS feature
Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS wireless headset for PC and soft phone

Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS is a professional wireless USB headset with broadband audio for exceptionally clear calls and a noise-canceling mic ideal for busy offices. Certified for use with Microsoft Skype for Business and offering plug-and-play setup, the Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS is a simple, high-quality wireless solution for PCs.

Professional sound quality

Experience crystal clear conversations in unrivaled comfort with DSP technology and never have to strain to hear or miss a word what's being said. The Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS headphones also have protections like SafeTone ™ to remove loud sounds before they can damage your hearing.

Outstanding noise cancellation

Best noise canceling microphone eliminates busy office background noise so you can hear conversations clearly.

Wireless range of up to 120 meters

Providing a wireless connection to your PC softphone up to 120 meters away from the headset base, the Jabra Pro 930 Duo MS allows you to comfortably move away from your desk during a call. An ideal headphone choice for multitasking and productivity enhancement.