Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Mono

Headphones Jabra Pro 930 Mono

Jabra Pro 930 Mono headphones are professional, easy-to-use wireless headphones with great sound, ideal for contact centers and customer service advisors. Jabra Pro 930 Mono keeps connected with your customers around the office. In particular, it is user-friendly and chosen by many businesses.

Mã Product: Pro-930-Mono

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Jabra PRO 930 Mono headphones deliver a crystal clear broadband audio experience for soft phone calls, conference calls, live broadcast and other multimedia applications

Why choose the Jabra Pro 930 Mono headset
The Jabra Pro 930 Mono headphones are an excellent value wireless headset specifically designed for unified communications and PC-based communications systems. Jabra Pro 930 Mono audio quality enhancement helps facilitate crystal clear voice calls for your call recipients.

- Enjoy conversations with clear sound

- Connect to PC Via USB for Unified Communications

Range: up to 120m

- Noise canceling microphone

- Compatible with all UC and IP soft phones

- Support 4-way conference

Jabra Pro 930 Mono is a 1-ear headset for PC and laptop users. Key features include wide-range audio, a noise-canceling microphone that protects hearing by eliminating sudden loud noise and ensuring the most realistic sound level and 120M DECT range.

Jabra Pro 930 Mono phone headset is neatly designed with a small size that does not take up much desktop space. Jabra Pro 930 Mono is relatively comfortable, gentle, and durable to help you work all day without ear pain.

Features telesale headphones Jabra Pro 930 Mono
- Wireless ECT headsets for soft phones

Wide range of sound for exceptional sound quality

- Control volume and mute ambient noise into the microphone

- LED indicator and sound

Hands-free communication up to 350 Feeds

- PIN number

Talk up to 8 hours without worrying about battery life

- DSP for clearer sound

HD voice for crystal clear chats

- Noise canceling microphone

Intuitive headset multifunction button for easy call handling

PeakStop technology instantly removes sounds or loud sounds that could be harmful

Remote call control - answer / end calls with seamless integration between your phone and headset

SafeTone shock-resistant technology to enhance hearing protection

- Headset recharging dock

- Purchase includes only headband; Ear hook and necklace are optional accessories

- 4-way conference call

- Configurable by voice

- The base is foldable

Available for UC standard and MS / Lync OC platforms

Free Jabra Direct software

Lifelike chats require excellent ambient noise reduction speakers, and a noise-canceling microphone also avoids air shock. With the Jabra PRO 930 Mono Headset you can get both and choose between a wide range of variations.