Headphones Jabra Pro 935

Headphones Jabra Pro 935

Jabra Pro 935 headphones are usb headset designed quite cool and elegant to use. It allows simultaneous connection with PC and smart device. Jabra Pro 930 is quite comfortable and does not pinch even after a long time of use

Mã Product: Pro-935

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Jabra Pro 935 headphones support 2G4 wireless technology which means you can deploy a limited number of headphones wirelessly in a limited space. They are mono wireless USB headsets, and they are designed with the in mind that they can be easily used in high-density environments.

Why choose headphones Jabra Pro 935
Jabra Pro 935 headphones come in three wearable styles that can be worn with a headband, back of the neck or with an ear hook to hold the receiving device to the ear comfortably and gently. The call center headset is a Jabra Pro 935 which is a reliable office solution for businesses working in crowded environments.

- Wireless technology: 2G4 (Bluetooth: 4.0)

- Clear sound

- Up to 12 hours call time

Wireless freedom range up to 100m

- Battery time - Up to 168 hours

The Jabra Pro 935 is a wireless headset that has impressed users, and it is unlike any other wireless headset you've ever seen. The design of the headset & stand is eye-catching and with a sturdy construction it adds value to your workplace. It has great wireless functions and clear sound.
Headphone Jabra Pro 935 features
The Jabra Pro 935 wireless headphones Plug and Play connectivity is quite good and after plugging them into the USB port on the PC, to make calls through softphone apps or for unified communications solutions.

Safe for users and clear sound

- All that is easy to use, Jabra Pro 935 wireless headphones still aim to sound quality and safety for users. Features like Jabra's SafeTone ™ technology eliminates loud sounds before they can damage a user's hearing and ensures workers stay within safe medium sound levels. All this with crystal clear sound.

Simple, intuitive design for quick user acceptance

- Jabra Pro 935 is easy to install and has intuitive call controls for quick user acceptance. With the adjustable ringtone volume and five different selectable ringtones, the Jabra PRO 900 series makes it easy for users to know when their phone is ringing - not a colleague's - which is great. is particularly important in large-scale wireless deployments.

Improve employee productivity

Jabra Pro 935 puts the freedom and convenience of wireless communication within reach of everyone. You can now walk and talk up to 120 meters from your desk to improve collaboration, multitasking, and productivity.

Future proof investment - Free software upgrade available

- Jabra PRO 935 headphones series use 100% software, allowing you to upgrade headphones at no extra cost. The headset solution comes with free software that allows you to better communicate with a wide range of softphone standards through embedded drivers as well as update your Jabra headset solution with service packages and price plans. free treatment.

If you need a headset for your computer then the jabra Pro 935 headphones will fulfill that. In particular, it is a worthy headset for you to choose for noisy offices that need to move constantly.