EPOS Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II Headset - Genuine, Good Price

The Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II EPOS Headphones give you optimized voice clarity with built-in Noise Canceling microphones, natural hearing with EPOS Voice technology, and acoustic shock protection with EPOS ActiveGard.
- Mono headset with headband
- High-end headset for Call center and music
- One ear design
- Direct connection to the computer via the usb-a port
- Anti-noise ability, high-class noise filter, soft ear cushions for flexible use.
- Compatible with all software.

Mã Product: ADAPT 130 USB II

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II Single-Ear USB EPOS Headset features inline call control, optimized for UC professionals. Work your way up with a stylish, comfortable EPOS Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II headset designed to meet the demands of today's hybrid workplace with superior sound.
Learn about the EOPS Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II headset
- Mono headset with headband
- Modern and sophisticated compact style
- Functions: answer calls, control volume, mute/unmute
- Easy and fast Plug & Play connection
- Connection: USB-
- Compatible with all software
Experience the elegant and comfortable EPOS Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II series. The Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II EPOS Headset adapts to all your devices, with
  whatever device you are using. Enjoy exceptional and superior sound quality while soft earpads provide all-day comfort. The Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II EPOS Headset product line includes Microsoft certified and UC-optimized variants with or without ANC to instantly block noise and enjoy the Sennheiser ADAPT 130 USB II EPOS experience for life. Seamless phone anytime, anywhere. With flexible connectivity, Plug & Play connectivity only works remotely, in the office or on the go.
Modern and practical headphones
- EPOS has found the perfect balance with the ADAPT 130 USB-C II headphones, which are the perfect combination of modernity, discretion, comfort and quality. Undeniably this headset helped him return to the top of the chart. Made for all professionals, this compact and lightweight product will accompany them easily through their working days without feeling cluttered.
- Regarding the comfort of this headset, EPOS sets the bar very high. Adjustable to your taste, this product has been completely redesigned to be as comfortable as possible. The new pads models are not only much more comfortable to wear, but can also significantly reduce harmful noise in the surrounding area.
Audio solutions designed for today's remote workforce
- Loud headphones and noise-cancelling microphones will let you make calls that are smooth, clear and distinct, no matter what. Whether you are in a quiet or noisy environment, your communications will always be completely understandable.
Because hearing is essential, it must be effectively protected. The EPOS ADAPT 100 series of headphones are designed according to the European Workplace Noise Regulation. This means it protects your customer's hearing from sonic shocks caused by noise that peaks during your communication.
Comes with powerful features
- Materials needed for several months now, this headset is constantly evolving and growing in scope and power. To stand out from other manufacturers, EPOS relies on products whose quality and reliability surpass those of other manufacturers.
- Thanks to the Plug & Play system built into the ADAPT 130 USB-C II headset, you only need to connect the headset to your computer to start communicating with complete peace of mind.
Enterprise level communication
- Work in style with a stylish headset designed for the "smart office". Enjoy flexibility and comfort with large noise-cancelling earcups and discreet arms that fold into the headband. Choose ANC variants to effectively block distracting noise in the office. Choose between UC-optimized variants and certified groups. Instantly join your Microsoft Teams meeting with the dedicated Teams button, while intelligent audio technology keeps you focused and productive.
Learn your way
- Turn any space into a study space with stylish and premium audio tools. Listen and learn with great sound, while the foldable arm and excellent microphone clarity ensure a very good call experience during lectures and group calls. Smart audio technology reduces noise to keep you focused and focused on your work, and the lightweight foldable design and comfortable headphones make it easy to carry.