Headset Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB

Headset Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headphones are binaural headphones with a noise canceling microphone. This headset plugs with a USB Connection, which is a good choice for a VoIP Phone or an IP Phone with a USB Connection. Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headset compatible with leading UC applications for high work efficiency, low cost

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Biz 1900 Duo USB headset complete with USB connector for instant PC connectivity. Simply connect the headset to your computer and you're ready to profit from the low cost of ownership of the Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB.

Why choose Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headset
The Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headset is a wired headset designed as a cost-effective option for call centers of all sizes. Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB is a versatile option tailored to your IT environment and user needs, with both Duo option and USB connector version available. Get a more professional call center environment, as the noise-canceling microphone ensures that every call is clear and easy to understand.

- Professional wired PC headset for IP communication

- Standard USB connection

- Noise canceling microphone

- Binaural headphones for optimal concentration

Flexible 270º rotating microphone

- Weight 40g

- Compatible with all VoIP soft phones

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB professional headset delivers high performance and exceptional value. It is a decision to invest in a cost-effective headset without compromising on quality. Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headphones are designed for contact center use, increasing agent productivity and efficiency. Its noise-canceling microphone ensures that background noise from your work environment won't reach your client's ears.

The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Duo headset is a cost-effective professional wired headset, specially designed for the operator, delivering top-quality sound without a huge investment. The noise-canceling microphone makes this an ideal tool for busy offices where there is a lot of background noise and ensures that all staff are clearly heard.

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB binaural headphones help employees focus on their chats without distraction, thus improving productivity, while the mono version is ideal for those who also need to keep an ear. to hear what's going on around them. Call center headphones couldn't be easier to install. Just plug the USB connector into your computer and you are ready to talk in high quality. The lightweight overhead design makes these headphones a comfortable headset, even for intensive use.

Features of the phone headset Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB
- For crystal clear conversations

+ Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB can be designed to suit the cost but not affect the sound quality. Its flexible boom tip ensures perfect microphone placement while the noise-canceling microphone eliminates background noise. No compromises on voice quality - no matter what your budget.

- Easy integration with existing telecommunications systems

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB is designed for maximum value and flexibility: choose from QD Quick Disconnect or USB and duo or mono plug connections. Whatever you're working on, the Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB will fit your infrastructure and budget.

- Light weight, solid design and professional quality

Professional dealerships need professional tools, no matter how limited budgets - and the Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headset is built for heavy use. Key features include professional-grade durability, leatherette ear cushions, fully adjustable headband and dealer choice of mono or double wear.

- Optimized for cost-conscious contact centers

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB is designed with a cost-conscious contact center: complete in functionality, flexibility, and priced value - quality with no compromise from the brand you trust.

Jabra Biz 1900 Duo USB headset is uniquely designed for this top and it is hunting on the market with good prices for businesses wishing to buy call center headphones.