Headset Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo

Headset Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo

Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo headphones feature stereo and noise-canceling microphones combined with quick disconnect, delivering professional performance and exceptional business value. Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo features shockproof sound insulation against sudden loud noises, while protecting the user against sudden loud noises, increasing dealer productivity and performance.

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The Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo headset is a versatile option tailored to your IT environment and users' needs. Get a more professional call center environment, as the noise-canceling microphone ensures stability and calls are clear and easy to understand.

Why choose the Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo headphones
The Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo headset is a wired stereo headset for desk phones with a QD (Quick Disconnect) connector that provides instant connection to a wide range of desk phones (additional compatible QD cord is required to use). use). Part of the GN1900 line of wired headphones is designed as a cost-effective option for call centers of all sizes.

- Great value headset for call center

- Earphones with wired earphones

Rugged, lightweight design and professional quality

- Quick disconnect

Boom, versatile microphone

Flexible microphone lever can rotate 270º

PeakStop technology for sound shockproof

- USB or QD connection

- Compatible with Quick Disconnect

Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo is a great value wired headset designed for optimal comfort and overuse. These headphones provide maximum comfort all day long for people working in call centers at minimal costs.

The Call center Biz 1900 QD Duo headset features a noise canceling microphone and filters out background chats from colleagues so all your chats are crystal clear. Combined with the flexible microphone lever allows you to position it so that it is close to your mouth, making conversations clear and comfortable throughout the day.

With the Quick Disconnect function, you can connect and disconnect the Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo telesale headset with your phone at the touch of a button.

Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo PBX headphones binaural meaning you can focus and fully immerse yourself in your conversation without distraction.

Highlights of the headset Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo
- Works with all DECT, Wifi, traditional phones

- Compatible with QD standard connection. This helps users to choose the RJ9 or USB headphone cable to suit their work.

- The narrow bandwidth speaker is capable of producing short range sound suitable for traditional analog desk phones available.

- Integrated Peakstop technology to immediately remove sounds that are potentially harmful to your headphones.

- These headphones do not use DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology.

- The headset provides HD stereo voice on both sides of the speaker

- Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo enhances clear call capabilities by eliminating unwanted background noise around the office.

- With excellent noise-reduction microphone, gives a quieter voice

- 270 degree rotating mic lever can be adjusted according to the user's preferences.

- The headset has an option to "mute / unmute" for a conversation directly from the device

- Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo is easy to adjust to suit the best user.

- Biz 1900 QD Duo without Jabra Direct (Remote call control)

Get a more professional call center and customer service environment with the Jabra Biz 1900 QD Duo headset, the right choice for your business.