Headset Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC

Headset Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC

The Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC headset is a great choice. It is intended for use with desk phones. Use the Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC call center headset in noisy places no matter what, thanks to the built-in noise canceling function, you can work quietly.

Mã Product: Biz-2400-II-QD-Duo-UNC

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

4,884,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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The Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC headphones are professional and innovative headphones for use with extremely loud noise-canceling microphones. This headset is one of the enhanced models in the entire phone line Why choose the headphones Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC The Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC headphones are stereo headphones with a QD (Quick Disconnect) connector that provide instant connection to a wide variety of landline phone systems. The new Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo Ultra Noise (UNC) headphones deliver outstanding sound on both ends of a call. This call center headset delivers outstanding sound quality, reliability and comfort. - The headset is light, comfortable forever Excellent noise-canceling microphone (UNC) for noisy environments - High performance headphones weigh only 70 grams Hi-fI sound with HD voice technology for great sound - Neodymium speakers and stereo sound - The microphone can be rotated 360 ° Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC headphones provide both the performance and comfort professional setups need in their operations. This is a comfortable headset for agents who need to use them for a long time. Phone headset feature Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC - Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC is a QD-compliant headphones designed to deliver high performance, good sound quality, no matter how noisy your working environment. The ultra-high noise-canceling microphone is more advanced than its predecessor, the Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC filters out ambient noise better than ever, so all your customers can hear is Their conversation with you - nothing else. Plus, with the enhanced speaker, you can hear your customers better than ever - for a superior customer experience and faster call resolution. Highlights of the wired headset Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC - Anti-breathing microphone with noise cancellation Reinforcement wires and programmable buttons for the USB variant 40% lighter than the competition, soft pouch leatherette ear cushions, ear cushions and 360 ° flexible swing arm - The best and lightest quality in its class - Binaural design fits comfortably on both ears - Comfortable headband with extra cushion; Comfortable leatherette ear cushions Excellent noise-canceling microphone reduces unwanted background noise in open office environments - HD Voice for high quality broadband audio - The speaker has HiFi frequency response PeakStop technology instantly removes sounds or loud sounds that could be harmful before they reach your ears Air Shock microphone reduces unwanted "on" for better call quality - The boom microphone fully rotates 360 degrees Kevlar reinforced wire delivers the best durability in call center environments Quick disconnect (QD) for compatibility with multiple amplifiers and adapters Headset Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Duo UNC is always the number one choice for the units that need to install for the callcenter of the enterprise.