GTC TECH offers a wide range of unified office headsets & conference speakerphone devices to meet different business scenarios, including desk phone connectivity, VoIP telephony communication, devices compatible with MS Teams and mobile phones for on-the-go calls
A fully scripted enterprise headset solution that collaborates personally to power every team by meeting, which proposes enterprise headset products to meet different needs for different types of teamwork. This solution brings greater efficiency and convenience to real-time communication, ultimately improving overall productivity.
Why do you need a headset solution for your business?
- Our survey of enterprise working models shows that 40% of companies are planning to improve their work model to accommodate a hybrid workforce. This includes physical workspaces, tools, and devices. Recent studies indicate that 52% of hybrid and remote workers, as well as 48% of office workers, are seen as key role models for the future workforce. In addition, more than 59% of employees have expressed a need for a personal audio device to reduce communication and collaboration difficulties in an unstable work environment.
- In response to the above survey, Yealink Headphones proposed a headset solution for businesses to meet the increasing demand for personal audio equipment in businesses.
Four ways to learn about business Yealink headset solutions
- Yealink provides various working modes to meet different office needs. In the following section, we will discuss in detail how Yealink headsets provide tailor-made enterprise headset solutions customized to different users' working styles.
When you are working in the office
- When working in call centers, customer service, dealing, front desk, and other situations where you spend more than 90% of your day on calls, office noise can cause problems. making unclear calls. Employees who handle heavy phone loads need headphones with strong battery performance that can keep them talking all day. In addition, the headset must be comfortable to wear, even when talking all day without putting pressure on the ear.
- To address these concerns, Yealink recommends the Yealink WH62 DECT Headphones, which feature wide wireless range, noise-cancelling microphones, and ergonomic design. The UH34 Lite/UH34/UH36 office headset is designed to enhance the user experience with its noise-cancelling microphone and ultra-lightweight design. It is also equipped to manage the growing needs of compliance and call collaboration, and can also meet the needs of scenarios.
- When employees are engaged in task-based work, such as knowledge workers who spend only 20%-50% of their daily time on calls, they need to be able to cancel out the inevitable office noise. away and focus on your task. This requires a headset that features wireless collaboration and multi-device calling, for convenience.
- GTC TECH recommends Yealink WH6X DECT Headphones (WH62, WH63, WH66, WH67). These are wireless office headsets that provide long-range and stable connectivity, microphone noise cancellation, multi-device connectivity, and call control with UC Workstation. On the other hand, Yealink's BH7X Bluetooth Wireless Headset (BH72, BH76) offers hands-free calling and answering, microphone noise cancellation, and active noise cancellation (ANC)/noise blocking for the office. These features make it suitable for employees who need to focus on basic work.
When you are working remotely
- When working remotely with 90% of daily calls, sudden noises such as children playing or dogs barking in the house can occur. To minimize these distractions, it is recommended that you wear comfortable and lightweight headphones with long-range wireless communication throughout the day.
- The Yealink WH62&66 DECT Wireless Headphones are a great choice, featuring long wireless range, microphone noise cancellation, ergonomic design and speakerphone for hands-free communication in private spaces. Bluetooth wireless headset BH72 is also available and applicable. It features microphone noise reduction through a soundproof housing and a long-lasting battery that lasts all day. People can still collaborate effectively even when they are in different places.
- In addition, Yealink WH6X DECT Headset (WH62, WH63, WH66, WH67) and Yealink BH7X Bluetooth Wireless Headset (BH72, BH76) are perfect choices for employees who only use headphones from 20% to 50% daily talk time. The DECT headset offers long wireless range, a noise-cancelling microphone for all-day wear, and a speaker for hands-free talking. The Bluetooth wireless headset is available for cell phone calls and features microphone noise cancellation, ANC to block background noise, and great music performance. This provides employees with a consistent and seamless user experience
When you're on the go
- When out on the street, using a traditional headset with a long microphone rod can make you look weird. Traffic noise can make it difficult to hear or be heard. This is especially true for professionals like warriors and others who spend 20%-50% of their daily talking time on the phone. To meet the needs of these employees, it is easy and convenient to use the Yealink BH76 Bluetooth Wireless Headset and the Yealink WH62 & WH63 Portable DECT Headset.
- GTC TECH offers high quality Yealink headphones at a reasonable price to ensure that users can enjoy them without overspending. You can trust that you are getting the best value for your money. with Yealink headphones can ease your anxiety and help you make profit at the same time.

GTC TECH can help you determine the right office headset solution based on your work style and workspace. We are an authorized dealer of leading global headphone brands to ensure you receive the best quality services and solutions. Please contact directly 0902 2553 263 for more information.

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